The Fate of Leftover Catalogs

Most makeup direct sales companies come out with seasonal catalogs at least twice a year, monthly or biweekly catalogs.  What do you do with old catalogs once they have expired? How do you get rid of them? Do you just throw them away and just take a hit on the loss?  Or are there more options to use these catalogs?

In a perfect world, you should not have any catalogs left over when season’s end, or the date has expired on the savings from these treasured marketing pieces. You generally have enough lead time to adjust your distribution of remaining catalogs – either be a little more or less liberal with them to last until the changeover.  We can all agree with this in theory, yet even with the best intentions things don’t always work out as planned.

I would definitely suggest that merely putting the catalogs in the trash or recycle bin isn’t your best choice.  You have no possible chance of getting any orders if your leftovers are in the round file. Even though they may not be current, you can still put them to work for you.

Also I would suggest that you don’t waste time, labels or ink putting stickers on the front of the catalog with a juvenile poem or notice stating “This is a retired catalog, contact me for a current one and claim your free gift.” You won’t see a return on your investment with this activity.

Rather, your best option when it comes to the fate of your leftover catalogs is to spread them around town. It should go without saying, but make sure your contact information is clearly displayed on the old catalogs. Leave them in public bathrooms, sporting events, grocery store carts, at gas pumps, waiting room lobbies or airports and train stations. No fancy limerick, just the catalog.

If the person who finds your catalog is interested, she or he will contact you or go to your website.  Once at your website, it may be clear that some of the items in the catalog are no longer available but perhaps there are new items of interest.  If you receive a call, then you can just say, “oh you must have an old catalog, I’ll mail you a newer one.”

If you remember nothing else, remember that there is no need to waste your valuable time, stickers, ink or profit trying to get rid of obsolete catalogs. The results will be the same.  Someone will contact you or it will end up in the round file.  Make good use of your time.

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