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Have You Struggled to Start Your Own Makeup Home Party Plan Business?

Today is the day that you makeup your mind to:

  • Stop the struggle
  • Stop depending on your "Boss" for an income
  • Start living your dreams!

Is it going to be easy?  NO!  Nothing in life worth having is easy.  However, its not hard either. You have to change your mindset from "the dog who wags her tail for an employer" to Queen of your own business.

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Makeup Home Party Plans

Makeup and Beauty Home parties using Home Party Plans is one of the easiest way to start your own business working from home earning  extra money as a makeup home party consultant.

It is a viable way to market your products through a home network of friends, family members, office workers or even strangers.

If you are thinking about starting your own business in direct sales, using a party plan, there are several thing to consider before you get started.

Introduction to Home Party Plans

A party plan is nothing more than a way to market your makeup or beauty products by hosting in your home or a guest home or office. It is presented as a social type of event in which the products that you represent are offered for sale.

This is considered a type of Direct Selling vs. Retail Selling.

  • Direct selling is a simple system for generating leads for your makeup business. And having a Makeup Home Party plan is your road map for home party plan sales and the home party itself.  The Makeup business consultant uses the home party as a source to generate future business by asking those who attend if they would be interested in hosting their own party.
  • Retail selling while similar to direct sales in the fact of collecting leads to grow her business, people come to your counter and you try to collect their names for future follow up, is less flexible in how you develop your leads and market your business.  You always have someone else watching your every move, judging you, and even sometimes threatening you with your job if you don't produce enough sales for your boss. And for all of their effort they most likely make a lousy 3% commission. Does this sound familiar?

Retail selling is not for Independent, Success oriented minds such as yourself.  How much you sell is none of anyone's business.

I assume this is you, otherwise you probably would not be reading this far. You are happy to run your own life and your destiny, and not let someone else do this for you.

FYI- Invite your customers to Sign up for your blog:  You want to stay in touch with them to keep the momentum going.

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Direct Selling Thru Makeup Home Party Plans

Direct selling makeup and other beauty products lends itself easily to the party plan method. The salesperson or if she has a team under her, is paid for selling and also sometimes the sales made by her team members. Try that in retail sales.

Having home party plan is just another name for a Business plan or Road map. It lays out the foundation for future sales and growth for your small business.

This plan is used primarily to sell items, such as makeup, skin care, aromatherapy, yoga supplies, and numerous other beauty type products, that appeal to your list of customers and future customers.

If you are really feeling ambitious, having a Joint Venture partnership with a non competing direct selling product line can really add a whole new dimension to your Home Makeup Party, and a lot of fun.

Want to Know How To Plan a Rock Star Home Beauty Party?  Check out This Awesome Book....Plan Your Party- Be a Party Plan Superstar

This book really helped me organize my party plan makeup business.  It was a fun, easy read.

How Makeup Home Party Plans Work

This is can be a very simple Marketing system, such as approaching other women and asking them if they would be interested in hosting an event such as Home Makeup Party in their home.

  • During this event, products from your collection will be demonstrated.
  • As a thank you to your host for for having the event in her home or office, they should be given a hostess gift and maybe even a portion of the proceeds for the amount of products sold.
  • Sometimes, even the guests will be given a token gift as an incentive to attend the home party, and even an extra gift for signing up as a future host.
  • The event typically includes a demonstration of a few key items that the salesperson wants to showcase.

After the demonstration she would answer questions and begin to take orders. The salesperson is on commission only, so having a thorough understanding of her products is a must. You don't have to know everything, but you should know the basics.

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