3 Easy Ways To Attract-Customers On Your Face-book Page

Meet More People In Your Beauty Business

Do you ever feel that you dont know how to attract-customers, and meeting a new stream of prospects for your business just seems like a fruitless endeavor?

You tell people about your business, and about all these wonderful products that you have to sell, to enrich and enhance their lives, only to be silenced by no responses when you tell them.

I know that I have had that experience, and I can tell you that it is no fun to keep telling people, and have no one interested in what I have to offer.

I also know that having a solid base of prospects whom you can talk to on a regular basis, makes your marketing alot easier.

While I discuss many marketing topics in my ezine, I try to keep the information simple and hopefully entertaining to help you try new ideas, one at a time so as not to overwhelm you.

This weeks topic is about Face-Book, and how to connect in a different way on your page.

Staying in touch by many different means can help earn you more money, and save you time; that is good for your business.

Post Your Email Newsletters to Your Facebook Fan Page

Like many businesses, you may be exploring integrating social media with your email marketing campaigns. Doing so can expand the reach of your messages and grow both your fans/followers as well as your email list.

How to Find and Attract Face-book Customers

1. Start a “Notes” Page:

If you are familiar to writing a blog, then writing a “Notes” page should be a piece of cake. You see, a blog is nothing more then what is called a web-log, or an online diary.

A notes page on face-book then, serves the same purpose as a blog and can quickly and easily be seen by those who have already “Friend ed” you, and who already want to hear what you have to say; unlike a blog who you have no idea who wants to read what you have to say.

FYI:  While your "Notes Page" is a great way to make things more personal, I suggest using it to Partner with your Blog.  Your blog is where you can give alot of information for those who follow you.  This is where they ultimately will get to know you.  If you have local followers, they can really connect with you on a more intimate level...

To start your own “Notes” page, all you have to do is log-on to your face-book page (I am assuming you have a face-book page; If not start think about starting one right now), and on the left hand side, click on “Notes”.

Here you can write about anything you want, just like a diary, or blog. However, I would like to encourage you to write about personal experiences that you have had with your service or product, and perhaps your customers experience's. Not your weekend getaway to the beach. Unless it had something to do with your products, such as the amazing SPF 30 that you sell.

Be sure to include a link in your notes to learn about more information pertaining to your product or service.

One last thing on notes: they are NOT advertisements, but simply a blog post, or “Notes”. So share yourself, be interesting, and keep it positive.

2. Start a Fan-page:

YEH! Fan-Page! Who doesn’t like fans? And when you are in business, the more raving fans that you have, the more likely you are to have success.

This page isn’t for Advertising your products, and raving about yourself. NO! This is a page where you are going to narrow it down to just one topic, that talks about a problem that your prospects have, and to offer a solution.

For example: lets say that you sell aromatherapy candles, and you are looking for people who love candles, and are interested in buying them. You already know that they are sold in every department and beauty store, so you know that people already know what a candle is.

So you don't want your fan page to be an advertisement that says something like, “You have to try my wonderful, amazing vanilla candles”. Most companies have wonderful and amazing candles.

Instead you are going to be different, you are going to attract your prospect by talking to them about their problems, give it a positive spin, and you will offer them a solution.

So, what do we know about candles? They smell great, are relaxing, can change your mood from bad to good, help you get ready for bed if you have had a hard day, remind you of your past, such as your childhood, and many more emotions.

So, I would choose a topic for a page that says something like this:

Don't call your page “Candles”. That is so boring, and no one will “Like” it, and it doesn’t do anything for your prospects. Instead call your page “How to Relax with Candles”. That is much more positive, and you are also opening up the discussion on helping others to relax. So many people need that, and are looking for that.

So, If I had a product that I use to help myself relax, and I know that it could help others, I would start a fan page based on that solution to their problem, by providing tips on how to relax, with CANDLES being the star of the show.

I would then post updates a few times a week, offering helpful relaxation tips.

Also, you don't want to push your products on people. Instead, I would use the “Info” page to provide links to my website.

Although starting a Fan-page wont net you overnight sales or gain new prospects, you are developing a good solid way to start building your fan base of people who look to you for more information related to a topic that they are interested in; and as an added bonus, it lets others know that you are an expert.

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3. Research Facebook:

Start looking for names, companies, topics, and people who are related to the problems that your prospects may be having, and that can help solve them.

For example: lets say that you don’t want to start a Fan-page but you still want to provide good information that solves a particular problem, such as “How to Relax. with Candles”

1. Search on “Google” for candles and relaxing, and see what comes up in the way of websites, books, products that closely relate to the market that you are after.

2. Next, search Facebook for more names, people, and websites that have Fan-pages of their own.

3. Click on the “Like” button of those Fan-pages and start to participate in a discussion. This is a great way to get your name out their and to develop your own expertise and get “Expert” status.

Warning: Do Not post links to your product or services on their wall. That is a no no. It is the equivalent of spamming and will get you banned from their page, not to mention it is in poor taste to advertise without permission on someone else's efforts.

Also, don't post your opportunity on your wall. You could also get banned from Facebook.

There is a place for advertising your products, make sure you post in the proper place, such as a link on your notes page to your website, that we discussed.

Ready to get started connecting with others and participating in discussion?

Sign up for Facebook or update your Facebook page and create a notes, for Fan-page.

Good Luck!


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