How To Teach Mineral Make Up Business Workshops

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Teaching mineral make up business workshops or classes is a great way to earn some extra money if you love makeup.

It's a fun and easy way to share your mineral makeup tips, work for yourself in this fun and easy niche, and share what you love most.

I will show you what you need to know for successfully setting up, publicizing, and teaching mineral make up business workshops. To help get you started quickly, I am including ideas for projects to teach and places to hold your classes.

A Rapidly Growing Demand for Makeup Workshops

People are exploring mineral makeup application tips like crazy, and they're signing up for workshops, private consultations, and fun group home parties.

And there's a BIG demand for your own mineral makeup business!

There are a lot of people who are very interested in creating a new look for themselves, but they don't want to invest in all the tools, makeup brushes, and supplies until they've tried it on - and they don't know how to apply eye makeup, or makeup application for example.

Attending a mineral makeup application workshop is perfect for the most people who want to learn mineral makeup application tips, and other natural looking makeup application ideas! They can experiment with a new art form, learn to create a smokey eye makeup application , and enjoy socializing with others, all at the same time.

An Ideal Second Income

If you are a makeup artist, interested in makeup, or just love sharing makeup with your friends and their friends, then makeup workshops is for you.

It is a lot of fun, and a great way to start a home business, and earn extra money from your business.

The time you put into teaching is usually flexible; you can schedule as many classes or workshops as you wish.

If you sell your mineral makeup line, teaching makeup application techniques is a good way to keep money coming, by introducing different ways to get a great look, and in leaner times of the year, when people tend to buy less makeup. You can even decide to limit your workshops to only those months of the year when you're not busy selling your line of makeup to regular customers.

In teaching mineral makeup workshops, you'll meet some really nice people who are excited about your area of expertise, and to have someone show them different ways to apply makeup.

Now! $320 A Week Profit For Part-Time Effort

..........sell wholesale make up

The more you teach, and demonstrate the best application of mineral makeup techniques the more people will ask you to teach.

Teaching just 10 people a week in a workshop, with a $32.00 commission on each person from the sale of eye shadow, mineral foundation, blush, mascara, and lip stick can easily earn you a very nice $320 profit.

They'll want to buy more makeup, become your regular customers, refer more customers to you, or have you put on a workshop for a group they're in, or do a mineral makeup demonstration with their womens groups.... The opportunities tend to snowball once you get started.

You probably won't run out of workshop ideas, because your students will always let you know what they want to learn next, or someone will have heard about your through word of mouth, and contact you to ask if you can teach them new makeup tips.

There are also a lot of opportunities to take your makeup demonstration workshops in other directions. Someday you may find yourself teaching makeup application classes or workshops:

* at a recreation / activities center * at home parties * at teen birthday parties * at a local clothing boutique * at a rehabilitation center * in an active retirement community * your own idea

The sky is the limit! You may even wind up teaching makeup application tips by writing magazine articles and books, or by creating videos or down loadable makeup application tutorials.

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