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How to Sell Makeup at Home Parties and Shows

Want to know the Home Party Business Tip secrets on how to make maximum profits selling your makeup at a makeup home party, how to keep booking more parties, and more...Keep reading to learn these secrets to the wonderful world of makeup and cosmetics home party business, and the benefits to your Beauty Business...

  • PROFITABLE-  A makeup party can be a great way and one of the most profitable ways to sell your makeup line.
  • NO COMPETITION- You won’t be competing against other makeup artists or vendors for your customers’ attention and dollars.
  • TARGET CUSTOMERS- Instead, you’ll have a targeted group of buyers who love to encourage each other to shop — and at makeup home parties, they have no one but you to buy from!
  • LESS TIME- Of all the ways you can sell your line of makeup, parties generally require the shortest time investment with the largest financial return.  In just two to  three hours at a home makeup party, you can make hundreds of dollars in sales - or more.
  • POPULAR- Makeup home parties are a popular (and potentially very profitable!) venue for selling makeup and skin care if you want to increase your sales even more.
  • INCREASE SALES-Increasing sales is an ongoing goal for home makeup business consultants, and the makeup home party plan is sure to get you a jump start to your future earnings.
  • SAVE MONEY- You don’t have to pay booth fees or commission - the most you will have to do is give your hostess some free makeup and discounts that are based on the financial success of the party.

Makeup home party guests will feel relaxed and comfortable buying from you, because your presence in the hostess’ home implies that you are there for them. They are looking forward to learning new tips and tricks with their everyday and special occasion makeup and skin care needs. And they can trust you. Trust is the most important factor in making sales and developing repeat customers.

Customers love shopping in a relaxed, personalized atmosphere, instead of having to deal with busy shopping malls, and crowds. Relaxed customers are happy customers and  are great for your business. They will love to buy from you again, and become repeat customers who will also give you referrals. They also love having a makeup artist create a new look for them, or just teach them a few basic tips that they aren't aware of.

It’s not that hard to schedule a makeup home party every week while working at a regular job (if you have one). Each party should only take a couple hours of preparation and a few hours at the party, so it’s not a major time commitment. You choose the party dates and times that work for you, and I’ll show you a few secrets on how you can book more parties during your makeup party to keep your schedule as full as you like. Hint: commercials.

FYI- Invite your customers to Sign up for your Blog:  You want to stay in touch with them to keep the momentum going.

How to Have a Fun Makeup Home Party

Makeup home parties that are given in an open house format with a 3-hour time frame tend to work really well. Your makeup display is set up before the party starts, and you can work the party just like a regular party doing makeup demonstrations and teaching new tips and techniques...

Party Tips...

  • GREET- You are at your display table in your hostess home, greeting customers who come and go, browsing and trying on new looks and colors. Answer questions, encourage people to try on different looks using a variety of colors, make suggestions, and help people choose what works best for them.

  • CONNECT- Really connecting with the guests on their level, having a sense of humor, asking questions and helping everyone have a great time. Create a fun atmosphere of a girls’ night out trying on makeup and skin care , if you sell skin care and just helping them shop!

  • INTERACT- Most people are busy, so try and stay away from silly games. They can be time consuming and not that enjoyable for grown women who just really need to relax after a busy week at work. They usually are just looking to shop, and perhaps learn a few new makeup tips. They came intending to buy makeup, so just keep them focused on that goal!

  • KEEP IT INFORMAL- Having an unstructured open house type party keeps people from feeling pressured to buy, however, they will usually purchase something. The format of makeup home party that has the most guests, the highest bookings for more parties, and the highest profits is a relaxed, fun open house type presentation. Guests will be more likely to attend if they can come and go on their own watch.

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As a makeup artist/beauty consultant giving great makeup artist tips at your parties will be different from other types of home party companies like Tupperware and Pampered Chef, you are advising about a product that is much more intimate, so make sure that you focus your makeup home party with your own individual artistic abilities and personal style! Just be sure to change your style to meet the needs of your customer if theirs is different than yours.

Your hostess doesn’t need to prepare and serve a lot of food, maybe light refreshments and drinks, such as water and tea or coffee, because the guests are going to a makeup home party to shop and socialize, not to eat. They can’t try on new makeup looks while drinking and eating with food in their hands.

Also, one of the main reasons potential hostesses DONT want to have a makeup home party is that they don’t want to spend their valuable time and money preparing a lot of foods and beverages for a party.

Talking to Guests at Home Makeup Parties

Be prepared to mingle and get to know your guests before the party begins. This will give you an edge on sales while you are showing your line of makeup. Don't be afraid to answer questions about how you became a home makeup consultant, how long you’ve been doing this, other places you sell your makeup line.

Be on the alert for clues from someone asking you qualified questions like this. This could be a perfect conversations starter to recruiting her for your business, if that is one of your intentions. She will probably want to know how you know the hostess. This will help gain trust with your new customers. Have interesting things to say, and complementing the guests, and the most important is LISTENING to what they have to say will make you a hero.

Accepting Payment at Makeup Parties

To maximize your sales at a makeup home party, be ready to accept as many different forms of payment as possible: cash, checks, and especially credit cards.

When people pay with credit cards, they tend to buy more. And some of the guests may have left their checkbook at home but have a credit card on them. Most people don't carry checks anymore, they carry the new cash- debit cards.

Also, many will come to a makeup home party with the intention of not buying anything or maybe just one small item, but when they see all the fabulous beauty products and how great it looks on their skin, they will tend to get caught up in the excitement of the party, and will want to buy a lot more than they planned to - and then they will reach for their credit card!

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