Need Quick Fundraisers to Help an Organization Raise Money?

While trying to raise money quickly isn't an ideal fundraiser, it usually takes a lot of pre-planning on your part, you can put together one simple idea that doesn't take a lot of time. Having several simple fundraiser ideas already pre-planned and ready to execute, will make the event run a lot smoother than if you just tried to wing it.

There are times when a group or organization may need to raise the funds for a special program, awards ceremony, gifts, etc.. When that happens, your group will need to come up with a fast strategy for fundraising.

5 Best Quick Make-Up Fundraising Methods

1. Reach Out to Current Fundraisers-

The people who have held makeup fundraisers with you in the past and know you, are the most likely to give you a hand. Provided that you have successfully followed up with your customers, your best new fundraisers are your current ones. Figure out a way to reach out to them and ask to have another fundraiser. Make calls, send out an email, broadcast an event. Make sure to tell your fundraisers why you need their help.

2. Hold a Mini Makeup Event-

You are familiar with large events such as a spring fling, for example. This time, hold a mini event. Instead of large expenses, and time consuming planning, all you need to do is decide how much you need to raise, then structure your makeup fundraiser event just like a large event. Only this time you will hold it in a small venue, such as someone home, office, or maybe even a community center.

Appoint a chairperson and a co-chairperson, have simple flyers printed explain the event, including dates and times. Hold a kickoff party or announcement, and track your progress in this short amount of time.

3. Pre-sell Future Fundraisers and Activities-

Have you ever been lured into a department store to participate in a GWP, or as the cosmetic world calls it, “Gift With Purchase” such as estee lauder gift with purchase. It is an exciting promotion that brings in millions of cosmetic shoppers to the store, with the intention of getting Free Gifts in exchange for purchasing something. This has the potential of being one of the best fundraising tactics that you could hold.


Because, if you have a major fundraising event planned for the future, you can pre-plan the event, and even pre-sell your GWP’s , giving you advanced sales. This can help the organization raise money in advance, and gives the opportunity to track results.

Do this right, and you have the potential for future GWP events that people can look forward to.

4. Hold Virtual Make-Up Events-

Also called Online Parties.

If the organization needs to raise money fast, and there isn't enough time to organize a full blown, or a mini event, make the event go viral. How? Just ask group members to hold a small makeup event in their own home, Online, or a close friend or family’s home, on the organization's behalf.

This strategy consists of inviting their network and paying for some light refreshments. They can hand out catalogs, choose from pre-planned gift sets, or do makeovers in exchange for a donation. The point is to raise funds, and give the customers something in return. This is a lot more fun, rather than just asking people for money. People are much more willing to part with their hard earned money if there is something in it for them. It is a win-win situation.

These little events can add up quickly in dollars raised. If your group needs to raise a quick $5,000, all you need using this method is to find 10 people to each host a $500 event in their home… this is very doable. And since the makeup event virtual hosts do most of the work, you can pull this off very quickly.

5. Hold a Catalog Sale-

This is simple enough, easy to execute, and a real time saver.

Your group asks you to help with a fundraiser, however, no one is able to make the event. Just gather some catalogs, one for each participant. Provide sales sheets for each person, and instructions such as to how much each person needs to sell to meet the fundraiser goals, and when the event ends. That's it.

After the event closes, you collect the sales sheets, tally up the figures, communicate with the contact person, and place the orders for each customers.

As an added bonus for the participants, have prizes available depending on a first, second and third place. Whoever raises the most money wins a prize. Even though you aren't gathered at the event, you can still make it fun. Competition is always a motivator.

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