How To Start Your Own Makeup Home Party Consultant Business

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Beauty Party Consultant

Does this sound familiar?  You just got your Introductory business makeup kit, opened it up, checked out the contents of your brand new business, and thought?  WOW! This is sooo exciting. I am finally in business for myself. I can’t wait to get started marketing myself, throwing parties, fundraisers, etc.... Then, your next thought is.....? Where do I start? I need help throwing my makeup party, and wished that someone could guide me?

Well, a Makeup Home Party Consultant may be the answer.

Sort of a life coach, but for direct sales, a consultant can guide the Independent distributor, help her find and book parties, guide her thru the various stages of throwing the party, from coaching the host, mailing invitations, what to say during the event, what to do after the party closes, and much more.

It is the same idea as a wedding planner for example. You are the planner for the Independent home makeup consultant.

Depending on how much the makeup home party consultant contributes, you can charge a fee for your coaching and guidance, and even lead the party, letting the consultant assist you, and take the orders.

I know this is a new concept, but keep in mind that coaching has become popular in recent years due to the increase of women working from outside of the office instead of inside of it.

With the increase of women going into business for themselves and ditching the traditional workplace, in their desire for freedom, they have one thing in common.

They decided that once and for all that they want to start a home business.

Home party opportunities are the quickest and easiest way to....

There are a few things to consider, however, before you get started.

It is these tiny little details that can be frustrating when all you want to do is book your party, show up, and help your Host have a memorable event.

Before you throw in the towel, you might want to consider partnering with a Makeup Home Party Consultant.

Better yet, why not learn these tiny details that can be so frustrating to so many, and start your own Makeup Home Party Consultant business.

What are Home Parties?

Products that have a broad appeal, such as makeup and skin care, can be a great source for selling at home parties.

Home parties, also referred to as social network marketing, network marketing, or direct selling are a system to sell products directly to the customers, through individual dealers, or Independent consultants. Bypassing third parties, and avoiding high markups, such as those found in a retail store environment.

Basically it is a system where women invite friends and neighbors to a combination social event/sales presentation. This gives you the freedom to implement your own marketing strategies.

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What is a Makeup Home Party Consultant?

With the desire for freedom and to run their own lives so many women are jumping on the work at home bandwagon for so many different reasons that there are women out there.

After they have decided to take that plunge, they become so excited that they just start their business without alot of prep work or knowledge.  After they have written down their 100 names of potential customers, this is where the excitement begins to turn to frustration.

Now what? They usually ask themselves.

Most of these people naturally turn to the person who got them involved in the company that they are selling for. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 their recruiter or the person who got them into the business doesn't have the skills either to help them get the ball rolling, and before long, frustration turns to failure.

This is where a skilled Makeup Home Party Consultant can help.

With skills that they have learned about makeup, skin care, running a home party business, party games, and more, the consultant can help guide them through this process and help the new business person launch, or re-launch themselves to success.

Makeup Home Party Consultant Tips

While home Parties offer a unique way to sell goods and services, there are several differences between direct sales marketing and selling, and traditional marketing and selling.

The Home Party Consultants job is to ensure that the Independent consultant or host has a smooth transition from booking the parties to hosting the day of the event, to after the party closes.

Earn Extra Money as a Home Party Consultant

You want to make sure that everyone involved from the host to the guests are well informed, and have a fabulous experience. It’s this positive experience that will ensure future bookings for the Independent consultant, the guests, and for the Home Party Consultant.

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