How to Accept Credit Cards in Your Home Makeup Business

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Learn what you need to know to begin to accept credit cards for your home makeup business, this is the number-one thing you can do to boost business in your home makeup sales and increase your earnings.

If you want to increase the bottom line in your business, it is vital to start accepting credit cards at the point-of-sale. Not only will you sell more makeup, you will also experience higher dollar sales for the same effort that you would by not accepting credit cards.

In fact, it takes less effort to accept credit cards, because once you set up your system it pretty much runs itself, and inputting the transaction and collecting money are so much easier.

If you have ever worked in retail, you know that most people don't pay with cash, and there is even a less percentage of people who pay with checks these days. If you are only accepting cash or checks, try accepting credit cards and watch your sales soar.

You may have noticed in the last, maybe 10 years, the there is an enormous amount of people don’t carry checkbooks with them anymore. An they probably aren't planning on buying makeup from you every time the run into you, or attend a makeup home party and find something that they need or want to buy.

They also might not have enough cash on hand to pay for an impulse item such as makeup. If you do not accept credit cards, you’ll lose a lot of sales from your customers. It's important to accept as many types of payment as possible.

It is very easy to accept credit cards, and it also makes your business seem much more professional. There are many credit card merchant accounts, and with a little research you will be able to find one that suits you, and your business.

Credit Card Processing Features to Consider

1. Annual Fee

2. Application fees

3. Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.; FYI- The more cards that you accept, the higher sales you will get

4. Process by phone or internet

5. Percentage the provider takes from your sales

6. Bank fees

7. Equipment cost

8. Chargeback fee (what they charge you if your customer decides not to accept the transaction later)

9. Customer service: Do they offer 24/7 support, accessibility to a live person for assistance, quick turnaround reply for email questions from you?

10. Fraud protection measures

11. How soon you get your money after the transaction

12. Annual Statement

13. Checking account transfers

If you want to accept credit card payments in person, make sure that you look for a company with an excellent merchant account credit card processing system. It really comes in handy when doing, home or office parties, fairs, fundraisers, or just doing one-on-one consultations.

I love the convenience, speed, flexibility, and customer support that a merchant account can provide. (They don't have an application fee, monthly fees, minimum fees or cancellation fees--just a small annual fee and a reasonable per-transaction fee. You don't need to buy any credit card processing equipment to use their service.

How to Let Your Customers Know That You Accept Credit Cards

From home party consultants to mobile service providers, schools, charities, fund raisers, fast food restaurants, and door-to-door salespeople, mobile and distributed merchants are recognizing the necessity of accepting credit and debit cards as a form of payment, in an increasingly card-focused world.

Both buyer and seller will also benefit from cardholder information being protected from the initial swipe through final processing. Giving your customers the option to make secure credit card payments safely and easily, and will help grow your business, and take it to the next level.


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