Never Close the Doors to Your Makeup Direct Sales Business

It’s been said that if you want to be a success in makeup direct sales, your business must always be open. That means you’re ready to sell when you head to the grocery store, go to work for the day, or go out to dinner with your friends. You are your business, so if your eyes are open, your business is open. Here’s what this tip means when it comes to selling:

1. View each person you meet as a potential customer or referrer- That means each person you meet will either buy from you, or introduce you to someone who will buy from you. If you don’t ask, you’re missing out on a sale somewhere down the road.

2. Find a way to break the time barriers-  Having an online presence will allow you to take sales (and make money!) even when you’re asleep. Even just giving your existing customers to option to order via email will save you one more phone call.

3. Layer your activities- If you’re holding a class or party, invite someone from your downline to attend with you. This allows them to see how you interact with customers as well as lets them hear the product and company information another time – much more interesting than reading about it in the training materials!

4. Be a walking advertisement for your business- I don’t mean wearing a t-shirt that proclaims, “I lost 40 lbs. in six weeks.  Ask me how!” Although that is an option. Instead, I mean using the products you represent, from top to bottom. If you sell perfume, pick your favorite fragrance and wear today. Have a tube of hand cream in your purse in case someone complains to you that their hands are dry. The first thing a skeptic will ask you is, “Do you use the products?” You do NOT want to have to answer, “Well… no.”

5. Don’t be embarrassed by what you do- Sometimes we feel embarrassed because we’re in direct sales. This usually occurs because we know that some direct sales companies and salespeople give our industry a bad rap. But how are you going to change the public’s perception of direct sales if you don’t let them know what you do? Never be embarrassed by your profession. If you truly are ashamed, it’s time to find a new company – or a new profession.

6. Carry samples with you in a plastic baggie- Sometimes you might run into a fan of your products and might be asked for a sample.  If you have one available you can just pull it out of your purse and hand it to them with your business card.  Also, remember to get their name, phone, and email from them so that you can follow up with them.

Being constantly “on” can be tough and draining. However, you don’t always have to be selling; you just need to be ready to do business. Hopefully, these six suggestions can help you expand your business hours without burning you out.

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