Mineral Makeup Reviews

Over the counter makeup products in recent years have seen an increasing demand for safer, easier on the skin formulations. Greater numbers of people are interested in Mineral Makeup Reviews, looking for the Best Mineral Makeup.

Makeup has come along way, evolving from ancient civilizations, to modern day Mineral Makeup, including a variety of formulas such as:

Mineral Powder Makeup, which is the commonly used term when referring to mineral makeup, refers to a foundation in loose powder format.

Common minerals used in this type of formula are titanium oxide or zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride. Some cosmetic brands also use talc, which is also a mineral and could be considered a talc-based powder "mineral makeup". However, most mineral makeup sold is talc-free.

In recent years the makeup and cosmetics market has been flooded with this type of foundation. It is important for the consumer to understand that there are no standards or guidelines for labeling mineral makeup products.

Mineral makeup can be either all mineral, part mineral, or contain less than 1% mineral in the finished product.

Given this information, cosmetic companies can technically say that their product is mineral makeup, even if it has less than 1% mineral. It also may or may not be organic; however, the label must mention this according to USDA guidelines.

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