Power of Follow Up

How to Keep Your Clients Loyal to Business "YOU"

Hey Gorgeous,

You know how it is in the beauty business—looking fab is just part of the equation, right? The real magic happens after the glam session, and that's where power of follow-up becomes your secret weapon. Let me spill the tea beans on why it’s everything.


1.First - it shows you care. Think about it—when you follow up with a client after their appointment, it’s like sending a sweet text to your bestie after a fun night out. It’s those little things that make people feel special and appreciated. Your clients will remember that you took the extra step to check in on them, and trust me, they'll be coming back for more.

I can't stress enough on this one point about the power of follow-up.  My hairdresser NEVER contacts me, and then when I come for a haircut I get the third degree on “Where Have I Been”. I’m thinking “Bitch - you never follow up with me”. 😠 I'm busy and can't keep track of when I was last in. Just saying. Doing this one thing will put you galaxies ahead of everyone else. It's just the right thing to do. You are the CEO, and It is YOUR BUSINESS.

2. Secondit builds trust and loyalty. Imagine you got a new skincare treatment and your beauty guru hits you up a few days later to see how your skin is doing. Feels pretty amazing, right? That kind of personal touch makes clients feel valued and confident that they’re in good hands. When people trust you, they stick with you—hello, loyal customers!

3. Third - Then there’s the feedback goldmine. Power of follow up gives you a chance to hear what your clients loved and what maybe didn’t quite hit the mark. It’s like having a direct line to all the juicy details that can help you power up your business game. Plus, addressing any concerns promptly can turn a so-so experience into a glowing review. This google reviews or yelp.

Speaking of reviews, let’s not forget how crucial those are. A friendly follow-up is the perfect time to gently nudge your happy clients to share their love online. Positive reviews are everything in this digital age—they’re like virtual word of mouth, and they can seriously boost your business.

4. Fourth - Lastly, staying connected keeps you top of mind. In the beauty world, out of sight can mean out of mind. Customers have NO Loyalty, at all. Regular check-ins, whether it’s a quick message, a thank you note, or a follow-up call, help keep your name at the forefront of your clients' minds. So when they’re ready for their next beauty fix, guess who they’re thinking of? Yup, you! Now you're building loyalty.

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Your Step By Step Autoresponder and Power of Follow Up

So gorgeous, are you still with me? Great! Now let’s talk about making your follow-up smooth and effortless with an autoresponder. Think of it as having a super-efficient, always-on-top-of-it virtual assistant who makes sure you’re staying connected with your clients without lifting a brow. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it, and make it feel just as personal and thoughtful as if you were sending each message yourself.

Step 1: Set Up Your Autoresponder

First things first, choose a good autoresponder service like super easy Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or any other email marketing tool you vibe with. These platforms are super user-friendly and designed to make your life easier. FYI - I have used Aweber for over 10 years and love their support.

Step 2: Craft Your Messages

You want your follow-up emails to feel like a warm yummy hug, so keep the tone friendly and personal. Here’s a little template to get you started:

  • Email 1: Post-Appointment Check-In

Subject: How’s Your Gorgeous Glow {firstname}? 🌟

Hey [Client’s Name]!

I hope you’re loving your recent [service/product]. Just wanted to check in and see how everything is going. If you have any questions or need any tips, I’m here for you!

Stay fabulous,

[Your Name] 💖

  • Email 2: Reminder and Review Request

Subject: Let’s Keep That Glow Going ✨

Hey [Client’s Name],

It’s been a couple of weeks since your visit, and I wanted to remind you about [any aftercare tips or product usage]. Also, if you’re happy with the results, I’d love it if you could share your experience with a review. Your feedback means the world to me!

Thank you so much,

[Your Name] 😊

  • Email 3: Upcoming Promotions or Tips

Subject: New Beauty Secrets Just for You 💅

Hey [Client’s Name],

I’ve got some exciting new tips and promotions coming up that I think you’ll love. Keep an eye out, and feel free to reach out if you need anything in the meantime.

Can’t wait to see you again!

[Your Name] 💕

Step 3: Personalize and Schedule

Make sure to personalize each email with your client’s [first name] and any specific details about their service. Then, schedule these emails to go out at intervals that make sense—maybe one right after their appointment, another a couple of weeks later, and a third about a month after that.

Step 4: Monitor and Tweak

Keep an eye on how your emails are performing. Most autoresponder services have analytics so you can see who’s opening your emails and clicking on any links. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to tweak your messages to make them even better.

And that’s it, girl! With your autoresponder set up, you’ll be keeping in touch with your clients like a pro, making them feel special and remembered without even breaking a sweat.

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So, gorgeous, never underestimate the power of follow-up. It’s the secret sauce that turns one-time clients into lifelong fans. Keep shining, and keep that follow-up game strong!

Xoxo, Jodie

Chief Glam Officer  - Your beautybizcoach bestie 💄✨