Get Organized In Your Home Makeup Business

Get Organized and Implement

Before you get started the first thing that you want to do is “Get Organized” so that you can Implement.

Organization is the key to success, and time management can either make your business or break it. Organization and Implementation go hand in hand. They work together like a well oiled machine.

Organization is your first implementation step. So before you even start lets learn a few time management and organization skills that will kick your business into high gear, Implement it and get you on the fast track quickly.

The first secret of all successful business owners is “Implementation”. Without implementation you don’t have a business. I’ll say that again. No Implementation=No Business.

This may seem so easy and doable.

However, many people get this step all wrong. They read books, manuals, how to’s, but they never get around to really taking action, or Implementing. So, if you don’t think that you know what your doing, I say, do it anyway.

We all make mistakes, and it’s part of the process. Don’t be afraid to try. If you live in fear you will never move forward.

Movement is KEY. If you get it wrong you can always go back and correct it. So take these steps that I am about to teach you , and Implement , Implement , Implement! Or from Nike’s mouth to your eyes- “Just DO It”!

So the first thing that I want you to do is Implement, or take action. This is the first step in setting yourself up for success.

In order to start out on the right path to success you need to have organization become your mantra. I am an organization freak.

I always have to have my daily, weekly and monthly to do lists. Sounds simple enough, Huh? I want you to honestly ask yourself if you are keeping track of what you need to do each day, week and month to reach your goals?

So, your first step to implement is going to be to “Clear The Decks”. What I mean by this is to put your business first. Your friendships, family and others next.

I am not telling you to forget about them. Obviously if you live with someone you aren’t going to ignore them.

I want you to just make sure that you schedule me time for yourself everyday, and to explain to those around you that you need to take time for yourself for 30 minutes, or 1 hour, or however long each day that you need to organize your business for the day, and to implement your business.

Only you can decide how much time that you want to devote to your business, and what you need to get done each day.

We all are very busy and we each have the same exact 24 hours a day. No one has more hours or less hours each day. It is up to you to decide which part of that 24 hours in each day belongs to You, and You ONLY!

If you need to set up some ground rules with the people in your life that demand your time, then you will organize that into your schedule.

This should be taken very seriously by you, because you only have yourself to answer to for your success or failure of your business. So decide now whats it going to be? 9-5 employee or business owner?

OK. Enough of the lecture. I am sure that you get the point. I only ramble on about this because I really care about helping you, and really want to hear about your success.

I would love it if you stayed in touch with me, and let me know how your business is doing, and any success that you have; no matter how small they may seem to you.

That is OK with me to hear how things are going. Even the smallest success, such as: I did my very first eyeliner demonstration on a new prospect. Small success’s eventually snowball into large success’s.

OK? Good!

Now! Lets move on to the heart of how I organize my business each and every day to help me on my road to success. This is my first secret.

How to Get Your Business Organized For Maximum Success

1. Every day brings a new challenge to my business and the only way to meet those challenges head on is with a Daily- to- do-list.

In order to avoid the impulse to put that last dish in the dishwasher, or vacuum under the bathroom sink because there has been dust for over three months, you must stick to a daily to do list until that task is done.

This is the point where you forget that you even have dishes or that there is even the slightest notion that there could be dust in your bathroom.

For the next 30 minutes or hour, or whatever time you have blocked off on this list, this time belongs to YOU! And YOU only, nothing or anyone else.

I am sure that you have heard the term “You Snooze, You Lose”? This is where it all begins. If you don’t plan your day, your day will plan you. ‘You Snooze, You Lose”

OK, Great! Now we have tackled the first success step. And we have begun to implement, or take action.

2. Next I want you to complete a Weekly-to-do-list. These are things that you need to complete this week, but not necessarily today.

When I look at my weekly to do list, I want to see all of the steps that I need to take in order to stay focused. Some of these steps must include marketing your business.

Marketing is something that needs to be done everyday if you want to succeed. OK.

Don't get upset. It is not that difficult, and I am going to show you some really easy to implement things that you can do to put your marketing on autopilot so that you don't’ have to keep doing that step everyday.


I here a sigh of relief. Business is supposed to be fun. If it weren't, you probably wouldn't want to do it? Huh?

3. You knew this was coming. That’s right; Your Monthly-to-do-list. I know, I know. You are probably wondering, “how can I make a monthly to do list, when I don’t even know what to make for dinner?

I feel your pain.

But I have great news. It really isn’t that painful, and when you roll up your sleeves and with my easy-to-implement tasks, you are going to have so much fun.

This is going to stimulate you and your business, and will help keep you focused for the journey ahead.

I want you to use these lists to keep you focused and your priorities straight. Only do one task at a time. No Multi -tasking.

This is not a race.

When you finish one task, only then can you move on to the next.

I know that this can be challenging to some of you who started out trying to climb that traumatizing, elusive corporate ladder trying to break thru the glass ceiling kicking your high heels in some one else's face. However, there is no glass ceiling here. You own the glass ceiling. So, relax and leave your multi tasking at the door. One task only until you finish. Promise?

Use the to-do-lists, and you will accelerate your accomplishment.

This is your homework for this chapter:

Fill out your Monthly, Weekly, and Daily -to-do-lists.

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