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How to Use Facebook's Timeline to Market Your Home Makeup Business

Are you ready to take your Home Makeup business to a whole new level using the power of Facebook to connect  with customers and potential customers?

A few years ago without even realizing I had signed up for Facebook and went on my merry way.  I had forgotten that I had a user name password, and was even connected. 

About 6 months later I started getting email from people that I new, and from others I didn’t,  that they wanted to be friends with me.  I thought to myself?  What is this?  I remembered that I had signed up for this thing a long time ago, and forget it. 

This made me realize the power of social media, and the influence that Facebook is having in the world around us, and in particular my business. 

I am meeting new colleagues and having conversations with others that I would have never had a chance to meet if not for Facebook.

Connecting thru status updates, groups, timelines, and mutual interests is all a part of the bigger picture.  

In How to Use Facebook's Timeline to Market Your Home Makeup Business 53 page action packed pages, I am going to share some key points with you on how to set up your business for success using your personal timeline and to build your brand.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand Facebook’s Goals
  • Use Timeline to Marketing Your Makeup Business
  • Create a sponsored story
  • How to use apps
  • How to use analytic's
  • How NOT to use Facebook Marketing mistakes
  • And much more!


Lets get your Facebook Timeline working for you in Your Home Makeup Business today, so that you connect with your customers tomorrow and for your future.



How to Use Facebook's Timeline to Market Your Home Makeup Business, is an incredibly informative book.

Jodie Michelle, has included all the important facts and techniques making it easy to understand and integrate into your own Facebook Timeline page.

Being a web/graphic designer, using social media marketing, I discovered things I didn't know and will definitely be looking into and using in my own Facebook Timeline page. With that being said, if you are looking to get the most out of your Facebook page, especially with the new Timeline format you don't want to miss out on this book, it is worth reading every word.

Bronson Dunbar


 You'll also receive these 2 additional resources that are essential to the success of your Facebook Timeline:


Your Action Plan: Steps to take in Setting Up Your Successful Facebook Timeline

This 13-page action plan takes you through every step of managing and setting up a successful Facebook Timeline business online.

This bonus guide covers in detail:

Deciding Who Sees What, Making The Most of Your Prime Facebook “Real Estate”, Creating Incentives and Inviting Engagement, and more.


Your Facebook Timeline Checklist

This master checklist distills the entire book into an easy, step-by-step process - from setting up your Facebook timeline, through each step of your Facebook Timeline marketing strategy.

It keeps you on track and serves as your Facebook Timeline marketing business plan.

The checklist helps you see the big picture of your Facebook Timeline business, and lets you mark your progress along the way.

For your convenience,
both of these Bonus Resources
are included inside the book.


Our Action Plan and Checklist is designed to help get you up and running with your own Facebook Timeline, quickly and easily.


Learn how to bring
a steady stream of customers
to your Home Makeup Business
with Facebook Timeline

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