How to Get More Facebook Likes in Your Makeup Business

What is a Makeup Business "LIKES" button, and what does it mean to your Makeup Business?

A very easy way to get positive feedback or more fans online to your Home Makeup Business is to include a “Likes” button on your page. This gives your friends or fans an easy way to leave feedback, or to say “I like you”, or connect with you on Facebook or Twitter.

This is also an easy way to tell you that they enjoy your content without having to leave a message. Not everyone wants to write a comment, however, they do want to say something positive about your site.

Once someone clicks on your Likes Button, this will get noted on your page and it could result in a News Feed or other social plugins for the world to see.

You have the control on your connections, and you can delete something that you don't like at anytime.

The More “LIKE'S” That You Get, the More Popular You Appear to the World

Creating content about your subject or niche is the best way to slowly connect with others and have others say I like you.

Various ways to include a “Likes” Button is to add it to your Facebook page, Twitter, or your website.

8 Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes Likes

1. Add a Facebook widget box to the download pages for your products.

2. Run Facebook “Like” ad campaigns.

3. Update your autoresponder emails with a PS asking readers to visit your Facebook page.

4. Run a giveaway or contest asking for a “Like” to get an entry in the giveaway.

5. Email your mailing list asking them to “Like” your page.

6. Create a video promoting your Facebook page.

7. Upload videos directly to Facebook and then take the source code and embed the video on your website or blog – the video will display a clickable watermark link of the Facebook name in the upper left corner of the video player that goes to the original video page on your fan page. If the visitor to your site clicks through to Facebook from your video, they will see a Like button at the top left corner of the video player.

8. Use the “invite” friends option and ask your friends to like your page.

Whether you build your business slowly or you want speed it up a little, is up to you. It’s your business.

Have fun with it and Good Luck

Love Jodie

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