How To Make Your Makeup Business Cards Advertising Twice As Effective In Half The Time Using Vista Print

The more your beauty business team grows the smarter you need to be with your time management skills. You will have more people to manage, but that doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be working more hours.  Eliminate, mitigate and delegate duties that are not the best use of your valuable time.

Friends will help you out when you’re in need. Friends will rush to your aid when you’re all jammed up and running out of time. For these reasons, makeup business cards from Vista Print can be one of your best friends. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be unfamiliar with the online printing company, Vista Print; but in the unlikely event you are, do a quick web search, then come back to finish reading this article.

Beauty Business Cards

As a home makeup business direct seller you should never let any products or marketing material be delivered to the customer without your contact information. You may think that your customer knows you well and how to find you.

What happens if the product is a gift for someone else or if she passes your catalog onto a friend or leaves it in a lobby or waiting room? Those people need to know how to order or re-order. That is why it is imperative that you label or stamp everything with your contact information.

Vista Print offers so many tools that can help build your business, aid you in making better use of your time and in branding yourself. This company emails offers weekly giving you the opportunity to try their products for only the cost of shipping.

One of my favorite products is their self-inking rubber stamps. There are so many uses for these stamps. You will want to collect a number of these, and then you’ll have even more little friends to help in your business.

Four Things You Have To Do

1. If you have samples for your business, then order a stamp with the color of the foundation, name of the scent, flavor, lotion, or whatever specific product you are sampling. I particularly LOVE foundation samples. Foundation is the backbone of any makeup business. A foundation customer is worth 7 years of business from just this one person. It is imperative that you sample, and stamp it.

2. Get another stamp with your website and a reminder of secure online ordering.

3. For recruiting brochures get one with your web address, name and phone number. I suggest Blitz cards for your recruiting purposes. These are over-sized business cards, with alot more room to get the word out on your beauty business.

4. Don’t forget some with messages specifically for certain target markets – the front of the envelope and the back of your catalog could receive these stamps.  Examples would be: Safe Around Children; Pet Friendly; Gluten-Free; Lifetime Warranty; Perfect for College Dorms, etc.

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If you use ink stamps to highlight certain product features, then you can skip sending a cover letter along with your catalog. I’ve experimented with sending an introductory cover letter and also sending a catalog with just the targeted ink stamp on the front and actually received better results without the added letter.

This just shows that most people don’t bother to read long letters, especially those advertising something. They like quick, to the point information. Either the people who are receiving your catalog will be interested or they won’t; and they’ll know in a matter of two seconds, based on the highlighted text they read from your self-inking rubber stamp. 

It makes it easier for them to circle what they want and then place their order.The possibilities truly are endless with regard to how you can market yourself with makeup business cards using Vista Print.

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