Starting a Makeup Business

Starting a makeup business has to be one of the most rewarding ventures that you can take.  Here's why...

Has anyone asked you if you wear makeup and use skin? If so, then you probably can figure out that the vast majority of women and some progressive men, love their cosmetics and wear it daily.  So much so that you know that starting a makeup business from home is rewarding. 

Women LOVE their makeup and skin care. They love trying it on, playing with it and wearing it.  They love how it makes them look and feel, and can potentially turn back the hands of time.

Here are just a few sobering statistics on the cosmetics industry..

Make-up Usage, Motivation, & Purchase Behavior

Daily Makeup Usage

•Average woman spends 20 minutes a day applying makeup

•4 out of 5 women wear makeup

•76% use lip gloss and lipstick

65% of respondents report using mascara

•63% of women report wearing eye shadow

•62% use eye liner

•38% use brow pencils

•22% use lip pencil

•7% use compact lip color

•86% of makeup users have used makeup with skin care benefits in the past year

•Moisturizing (54 percent) and SPF (51 percent) are the most popular skin care benefits in makeup products. These were followed by “oil free won’t clog pores” (32 percent); “reduces wrinkles fine lines” (30 percent) and items that are natural or mineral based (27 percent), according to the report

•Only one million women, based on census projections, are wearing only one makeup product a day... (out of 6 Billion people on the planet.  That is really sobering.  Don't you think?)

Emotional Connection/Motivations

•Nearly half of U.S. women surveyed believe wearing makeup gives them an advantage at work and makes them feel more in control

•82% of women surveyed believe wearing makeup makes them feel more self confident

•86% of women believe that wearing makeup improves their self image

Shopping Habits

Average woman spends $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime...  (Who knew that your 401k was locked up in your mascara and lipstick)

•From the ages of 16 to 65, a woman shops for cosmetics about five times a year.

•Each time she’ll spend roughly $43,equaling about $216 a year.

•That’s about $2,750 on eye shadow, $1,780 on lipstick and $3,770 on mascara in total

•The average U.S. consumer spent $616 on personal care in2008

Now is the Time to get your piece of this larger than life pie

Don't you think you deserve it?

Be sure to have a solid Makeup Business Plan before you get started if you want to succeed from the start.

There are only two main ways to get started in your makeup business:

1.  Start Your Own Line of Cosmetics

Do you love mixing different potions and lotions from your kitchen stove.  Or perhaps working with private label manufacturers, and developing your marketing materials with an advertising agency? 

While this is an option for starting your own makeup business there is another way.


2. Join an Existing Beauty Company

By joining an already existing beauty company you are leveraging your odds of faster success.  This is the quickest and easiest way to get started, and can be very lucrative.  As a small business owner, OR even a Solo Business Owner,  you are in control, and can have a lot more flexibility with how you run your business. 

Are There 21st Century Profitable MLM Makeup Companies?

  • If you find a well run company, that pays decent commissions and has a solid product line that people love and can replenish, you've got a potential winner.
  • You also want to look for a company that is forward thinking in their technology that can grow with you.
  • We are in the fast moving online tech industry and a company that cant keep up with online marketing, just isn't going to cut it anymore.
  • People are shopping, researching, and socializing like never before and they want to interact with their friends while doing it.

So when you are doing your homework as to what company to join, keep these thoughts in mind while doing your research.

If you are serious about finding a solid company that is growing, forward thinking, gets online marketing and technology, Avon is a business to give serious consideration to.

Avon has reinvented the wellness market, and has little to no competition in their unique twist on nutrition supplements.   They offer a lucrative compensation plan, hassle free delivery to customers, training galore, oh and have I mentioned that you get paid your commission every two weeks...NO! That wasn't a mistake.  You GET PAID EVERY TWO WEEKS AFTER YOU MAKE A SALE...NOT MONTHLY OR QUARTERLY.

Getting started is easy and the cost is really low.

You just Join on the main page and fill out the form.  They provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed.  You will be given a personal website that it powered for online Facebook makeup parties.  How cool is that? You can select from their wide range of makeup, skin care and tools, and company training.

How Do You Make Money With Avon

It is very simple.  You simply show the products from your kit, and sell them with cash and carry, online through your website, or the latest craze- Host an online party.  The online party is HOT and getting Hotter in more countries. Get your friends to join you in the business and the sky is the limit.

Your only limited by your imagination.

Avon is Ideal for:

  • Beauty or Wellness parties- protein shake Popsicle's anyone?
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Online facebook parties
  • Bridal parties
  • Wedding day makeup
  • Prom
  • Homecoming
  • Office lunch hour parties
  • Happy hour parties
  • Women's group parties
  • New to the neighborhood parties
  • create your own theme parties.....

Avon uses the direct sales and referral marketing model.  You are paid a generous commission from every personal retail sale that you make and residual commission that your team makes.  This is what the pros call walk away income.

A business that will enable you to quit your job, and live the life that you choose to live.  To follow your dreams what ever they are.  Is it financial independence, world travel, hanging out with your friends and family, charity work, taking care of someone that you love, building a second business?

If you are looking for a network marketing opportunity, you LOVE makeup, skin care, and weight loss, this is the company that you want to consider joining.   It is the ultimate show and sell product.  You don't have to convince people to buy.  They either want it or they don't.  Usually they want it.

Learn more about the Avon business...

Starting a makeup business is so much fun.  It is even better if you have an awesome team to coach you and guide you when you need it or even when you don't.  Our team is always welcoming those entrepreneurs who are serious about building a business, and are there for you right from the start.  We will get in touch with you and see if what we have to offer is a fit for your needs and for us to work together.

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