Do You Need Help Getting Your Makeup Business Online Social Media Solutions Set Up and Started?

Do you need help with your social media solutions, but are having a hard time figuring out where to start?

You want to make the move to the next step, but you are confused and a bit frustrated about how to get it going? What to do next? Which tool to focus on? Blog or website, or articles? Oh the frustration!

And next you are thinking? I don't have time to do all of this Social Media Stuff; but I need to keep up with technology. I am not a techie, and I feel so overwhelmed?

Let a professional help get your online home makeup business system started so that you can concentrate on what you do best- running your business, making money, following up with prospects, and enjoying your life.

I have built 3 websites and taken them to the top of Google for their main keyword, and remain in the number one position today in Google with my main website.

What I have learned from talking to so many makeup artists, estheticians, home based beauty business professionals, retail professionals and numerous other work from home professionals that trying to learn all of this Internet Marketing social media solutions technical stuff, such as SEO, wordpress installation, writing articles, keyword research and more, sometimes seems like a pie in the sky. I understand their frustration, because it took me years of trial and error to finally get this thing called “Internet Marketing”. I would like to help you get started so that you can concentrate on more important things like building relationships with your customers, and creating success

Jodie Michelle

Let me help you make the first move with your social media solutions

Here are a few services offered:

Wordpress Installation and Setup- I will set up a wordpress blog for you

400 word Quality SEO Article- All unique material, CopyScape passed

FYI- A monthly hosting fee of approximately $8.95 monthly applies to all blogging/site packages through our preferred hosting service. This fee includes unlimited blogs, sites, domains and email accounts, as well as 5 star superior customer service support!

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