Steps to Applying Eye Shadow

....How to Choose the Right Color and Application for You


The Best Eyeshadow Formula:

1. Cover the whole eye with a sheer eye foundation; working from the top lash line all the way to the eyebrow. Gently blend the foundation using a concealer brush or your finger.

2. With a large eye shadow brush, apply the neutral colored base eye shadow all over the eye area, working from the eye shadow to the eyelashes and blend outward towards the corner.

3. With a medium brush, apply your medium color eye shadow on the eyelid up to the crease line. Begin from the inside corner and work outward, and blend.

4. Using a crease brush, blend the darker color along the crease area of the eye working from the inside corner outward.

5. For more drama, don't blend the dark line in the crease a lot. For a softer look, blend heavily using the crease brush.

6. Using a small brush apply the dark color along the line underneath the bottom lashes, working about halfway along the eye and working toward the outer corner.

7. Using a small brush, apply the highlighter color just under the brow area. Be careful not to apply any color to the eyebrows.

8. Finish with a coat of mascara.

On this page, I will show you ideas on the best eye makeup color to use for your blue eyes, and what you need for the best eye makeup application, the tools you will use, and how to use them, as well as guidelines to help you combine colors creatively.

You will find special techniques for grand effects as well as quick, easy eye makeup looks that will perk up your look without breaking the bank or requiring lots of skill and time.

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