What is a Keyword and Why It Matters to Your Make Up Online Business?

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Conventional wisdom says that if you look for a group of people with a problem then all you need to do is find a solution. The solution can be a product or a service that you provide that solves their problem, and then market it to the group.

Given this, it makes sense to begin your product or service search by searching, for groups of people with a problem.

This problem is the "keyword".

OK Then......

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the foundation of ALL search engine optimization or also referred to as search engine marketing. If you don't know which keywords people are typing into the search boxes, for example in google, by the people that you want to attract to your website, then you wont be able to effectively market your small business thru the search engines to those people.

"Keyword" is actually short for "Keyword Phrase". Meaning the word, or group of words, that is typed into a search engine by someone looking to search for a solution to their problem. In the past most searches were done using single word searches...Not anymore. These days most people searching, now type two or more words in their searches.

Why Do Keywords Matter to Your Make Up Online Business?

I am sure that many people know this just by reading this already, that you must understand why you need to know which keywords people are using when searching for information on products or services such as those that you are promoting at your web site. If you still are not sure, here it is again....

*If You Don't Know Which Keywords to Use, then You Cant Optimize Your Small Business Website Properly.

*If You Don't Know Which Keywords to Use, then You Wont Know which Keywords to put in Links that point to Your Website.

*If You Don't Know Which Keywords to Use, then You Cant use Your Keywords to bid on in Pay Per Click Advertising Programs.

*If You Don't Know Which Keywords to Use, then You Have a Hobby, NOT a Business.

I know I have discussed this before, but it is so important to say it again.

Therefore, selecting Keywords is important. There are two ways to select keywords that you will need for Your Small Business Campaigns.....

1. Guess- This is for hobbyist's

2. Do a Full Keyword Analysis- This is for the serious Small Business Owner who wants to Make Money

Would you believe that the most popular method of choosing keywords is to guess. This is the reason a large percentage of online marketers fail and why you can beat your competition if you do this right, because the most effective method is to do a full scale Keyword Analysis (which incidentally, begins with you guessing at what keywords that you think are important, then using a Keyword Analytical Tool.

What happens if you just guess at the search terms you need, and don't do a full keyword analysis?

1. Many of the Keywords on Your list wont be very relevant, because people aren't using them in searches...................and

2. You will miss out on Keywords that people are using to search for your product or service

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