Market Your Beauty Direct Sales Business Constantly

In the previous blog posts we discussed how to find more people to convert to beauty customers or referrers. Now, I want to talk about ways to be constantly market your beauty direct sales business so the makeup and skin care sales come to you. For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll consider marketing your products as separate from the act of actually selling those products.

There are ways that you can promote your makeup and beauty business and products without pushing your offerings down other people’s throats. In fact, the “hard sell” is rarely successful; and when it is, more often than not the customer resents being “forced” to buy. For a long-lived beauty direct sales business, you will need happy, repeat customers. That’s why luring them to you in an ethical and relaxed manner is essential to your business success. Here are five ways to market your business without being pushy:

1. Add your business tag line to every email- Most email programs make it easy to add automatic signatures. Just by adding a sentence saying, “Jane Doe, independent sales representative for XYZ Corporation,” may net you extra business. You’ll soon find people saying, “I never knew you sold XYZ!?”

2. Distribute business cards- Post them to public bulletin boards at libraries, bookstores, Laundromats, and gyms. Leave them with receptionists at the doctor’s office, hair salon, and barber shop. See each business card as a little bird winging its way to the person who needs it most.

3. Talk about what you do – in a positive manner. No one wants to hear about your work troubles. Complaining is especially destructive if in the next sentence you turn around and say, “Would you ever be interested in doing what I do?” Someone would have to be crazy to say yes!  And ALWAYS invite them to join your beauty Blog!  Blogging is an easy way to build the Know, Like trust with your clients.  And it is SO cheap and easy to get started today.

4. Put it on your car- Mary Kay reps who are lucky enough to drive the coveted pink Cadillac almost all have a tale of someone flagging them down on the highway or following them into a parking lot to find out if they have their favorite lipstick in stock. If it works for them, it can work for you! Add a bumper sticker, car magnet or window cling advertising your business.

5. Get online- In an earlier post we talked in more detail about creating a website to sell your goods; now, I want to encourage you to find ways to promote yourself and your business online. Write articles for sites like, blog about your area of expertise, create videos, and post regularly to Facebook and other social media sites. Each one of these efforts is a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to you.

You may think that your parent company does plenty of advertising and marketing, and that may be true. While you can’t match their million-dollar budgets, you don’t need to. There are dozens of low- or no-cost options that will bring hungry beauty direct sales customers right to you.


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