What’s the Big Deal About a Beauty Blog Home Business?

A blog is short for Weblog, which is short for Web + Log. Many of the earlier Beauty blog home business blogs looked more like online personal diaries. I’m sure some of those still exist; though more often we see business blogs. Business blogs provide useful information to the reader, not simply “Annie is sick today, the dog is driving me nuts, and what’s I am baking cinnamon bread for dinner.”

Veteran bloggers know how valuable adding new content can be to your beauty business. There are many benefits to blogging for business, including helping to drive traffic to your beauty sales website and developing a loyal following. Both of these benefits of blogging are key components to increasing your online presence.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of setting up a blog, it is imperative that you update it with new blog posts frequently. A couple times a week would be ideal; but anything less than once per week is not going to help a great deal. Consider it like exercise, what’s the point if you turn on the Wii Fit for 30 minutes each week? You may be able to convince yourself that you’re working diligently; but you won’t likely have results to show it.

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Need Help Finding Topics to Write About?

You don’t need to find topics; you just need to pay attention.  Your life is surrounded with blog topics. Open your ears and eyes and you can’t help but stumble upon a relevant topic.

For example: if you have a puppy that is driving you crazy, as in she keeps chewing on items that don’t belong to her, perhaps she is behaving that way because she hasn’t been properly trained or hasn’t been disciplined not to do such things. Bingo! There’s a blog post about the necessity for new consultants to be trained properly. ( I am sure that most of you can relate to not being trained properly from your up-line.)

Need another example of how to take your everyday life and turn it into a blog post? How about this one: A friend called to tell me that the owner of the restaurant he frequents picked up the tab on this lunch that day. The owner told him, “you’ve been such a loyal customer it’s nice to give back and tell you how much we appreciate your business.”  Bingo! There’s another blog post about the importance of acknowledging your loyal customers.

I trust you’re starting to think about where you can come up with topics to write about for your beauty blog. Nearly anything that happens to you or that you observe can be turned into a blog post.  Now that you know this little secret, there’s no reason to drag your feet.

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Start writing your beauty blog today, and put up a new makeup blog post already!

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