5 Ideas to Get Bookings Now

I know that we are so wrapped up in the Holiday season. Thinking about business bookings in the new year seems so far away. However, it will be here eventually, and when it does come you will feel so relieved if you are one step ahead of the game with bookings for your Home Makeup Party business.

I give you a few ideas that you can implement NOW in order to secure your success in the new year. I am sure that you have heard this before, but it never hurts to hear it again and again.

1. Hand Out your Brochures

I know, I know. This is so basic, but when we are busy we sometimes forget to do the obvious.

What to do-

  • Carry 10 with you at all times
  • Give one to a Co-worker
  • One to a friend
  • Put one in your lounge at work
  • One at the nail salon
  • One at the doctors office, if you have an appointment
  • Heck, give one to the receptionist at the doctors office and give her an extra discount
  • Your neighbor
  • Include a 10% discount for New Years bookings

2. Advertise

Here are a few ideas to get the word out in your local market:

  • Google maps
  • Community newspapers
  • School programs
  • Religious bulletin boards
  • The Gym
  • Grocery stores

3. Throw an Open House New Years Party

Parties are always a great way to continue the festive celebrations from the holidays. What better way to celebrate than to give a party in your home showing off a few new product launches. If your company has new products, you should showcase them. If they don't have new products, you can always showcase your favorites. Maybe even do a demonstration, such as a facial or makeup tip.

4. Go Local

So you don't want to throw a party in your home? No problem. You can always have the party somewhere else. There are many ways that you can throw a party:

  • In someone else's home
  • School fair
  • Co-op with another complementary business and set up together in womens groups
  • Real Estate offices

5. Fundraisers

Organizations are going to be looking to raise capital for spring flings, school trips, rewards and other needs. Now is the time to start looking to help these people raise money for their organization.


This one is my favorite.


Revolutionizing the traditional “home party” model of marketing, VIRTUAL PARTIES or also called online parties, are able to give it a modern, virtual spin. “Virtual Parties” are your ticket to success—hosting, sharing, and selling products through your Virtual Parties allows for instant results, and feedback.

How would you like to experience the fruits of your labor sooner rather than later

Companies that can also provide you with that instant gratification such as Instant Commissions can make the Virtual Party Plan Concept a truly remarkable business. 

Virtual Party Plans that can offer you a simple and speedy approach to commissions is the way to go. Why wait for a monthly check through snail mail, or auto pay every two weeks, when you can receive your Royalties by the next day? Look for a company that allows you to Get Paid NOW!

This is only a sample of what you can do to get new business. For more ideas on how you can Get More Clients read more at:

 How Do I Get Clients


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