Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

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Makeup for Blue Eyes:

For those of you who have blue eyes, deciding which eye makeup for blue eyes would seem to be a simple exercise:

  • Keep in mind that eye color is the color of the iris.
  • In the case of blue eyes, which is a response to the amount of light that enters the eye, and the muscle that is attached to the iris, called the pupil.
  • When the pupil becomes larger it lets more light in. This is basically what causes the variations of eye color. 
  • We tend to have many variations in the eye color, including variations of the eye color.

It was once thought to be believed that blue eyes were a simple recessive trait, however, it has been shown to be wrong. Eye color genetics are very complicated, including blue eyes.

In all eye color, melanin contained in the iris is what contributes to its color. The density of cells, affects how much light is absorbed.

The perception of eye color such as blue eyes, is largely dependent on the perception of color of viewing conditions, or the amount of Illumination, and the hue of the surrounding environment.

Given these different variations of color, perception, illumination, hue, melanin and density of cells makes up varying shades of your eye color.

There are three true colors in the eyes which will determine the appearance. They are blue, brown and yellow. The color of the eye is determined by how much of each color that someone has in their eyes.

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..................Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Eye makeup offers a world of ways to update and enliven any makeup look whether you use a:

  • single color eye makeup for blue eyes - such as purple
  • combination of colors - such as blue, and golds, and silver
  • special effect technique like glitter, metallic's
  • temporary enhancements such as false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, colored contact lenses to name a few..

The challenge is to determine the best color or color combination for your eyes, and this takes a little thought.

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