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Your Home Makeup Business Facebook Action Plan

Using Facebook Page Timeline Tips In a perfect world, you would have your calendar booked with customers placing orders, home and office parties booked at least 6 weeks out, giving you plenty of time to prepare your host, and lots of time to prospect for new customers, building and coaching your team if this is something that you are doing.

However, in reality this rarely happens.  When things don't go our way, we tend to get frustrated and stop trying.  This is exactly why we need a plan to stay in contact with our customers, and continually build relationships with them.  Having a system helps to eliminate the frustration that comes with interrupted follow up

If you start thinking about the things you would like to see happen in your business for the holidays, you will be much more prepared than your peers.

As someone who coaches others on their home Makeup and beauty business, here are a few Facebook tips to help get you back on track:


An Action Plan will lead you, step by step, in transforming your own Facebook Timeline and Facebook Page, as well as reinforcing what you've learned so far.   Just remember Action Plans are only good if you put them to work and take action!

1.  Decide Who Sees What

Before you rush to install apps, and features, let's go back and take a look at the niche market you are trying to reach and your ultimate Facebook goals:

  •  Clients or customers
  •  Networking contacts
  •  Industry movers and shakers
  •  Potential new clients or customers

Your Friends!

Here’s The Real Secret to Facebook engagement. 

It doesn’t matter if your Facebook follower is your brother, someone you’ve worked with for ten years, or a total stranger who just sent you a Friend request today: 

You need to care about them, take notice of their posts, acknowledge their comments and posts, and make them feel special.  Making everyone feel special is a nice thing to do, it’s great customer service, and necessary in business.  

Two:  Make The Most of Your Prime Facebook “Real Estate”

You need to make sure you’re presenting and positioning yourself, and your business as clearly and attractively as possible.  By “attractive”, don’t just think in terms of “fabulous design”.

Think in terms of:  

  • Helping people identify with you
  •  Creating goodwill and warm feelings
  •  Making people feel part of your world
  • Making people feel you are – or they would like you to be – part of theirs
  • Showing them clearly “who you are” (whether or not “you” means yourself or your Makeup business)
  • Tapping into their positive emotions
  • Being interesting; or even fun, if “fun” is appropriate
  • Letting them know what you’re all about – and why they should care 

Three:  Creating Incentives and Inviting Engagement

First you need to invite engagement-

This means building relationships with your prospects, followers, and customers.  Fortunately, this shouldn’t take long – especially if you’ve already given them a sense that they “know” you through your well-optimized Cover Photo and Profile Photo statement (reinforced by your App Tabs).

  1. Listen to your followers – then answer.  When someone makes a comment, start by clicking “Like” to acknowledge you’ve read the comment.  This simple action in itself can be a powerful first contact, not to be underestimated.  You’ve gone out of your way to connect – they’re flattered and pleased (even if they’re muttering it’s no big deal).
  2. Be active – not static!  People nowadays are looking for entertainment – even when they’re seeking serious information.  One of the best ways to hook them is to present them with an interactive post.  
  3. Post photos of QR codes for people to scan – either as a custom App Tab or simply in your feed:  This can be highly effective too.  People who use QR code scanners on their mobiles love to find out what’s at the end of the rainbow.  (Just make sure it’s worthwhile!) – perhaps offer a Freebie if they scan the app.
  4. Contests and sweepstakes- are also allowed on Facebook, and both are a great way to engage viewers – just make sure you absolutely follow the rules concerning these, using only Facebook-approved Apps to deliver them. 
  5. Include a photo- if you are sharing via a third-party App like HootSuite.  Otherwise, you’ll lose both your Share and Comment button for that post – and the chance for people to engage. 

For further reading on this subject you can get my book:

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