How to Use Facebook-Timeline to Market Your Beauty Business

There are many other tactics you can use to put Facebook-Timeline algorithms and features to work in marketing your home makeup business.

1. Using a Cover Photo is a great way to start marketing your home makeup business.

You cannot put offers, prices or heavy promotional text in your cover photo – in fact, you shouldn’t put any text into your cover photo – but if your text is representational of the spirit and heart of your business, such as a fun home makeup party, rather than promotional, you will most likely not suffer any repercussions.

In other words…

  • · A tagline such as “Your Fall Look” Makeup Theme Party will most likely be accepted
  • · A special offer button stating: “BUY NOW! ONLY $19.99!” is absolutely forbidden.

You can choose not to have a cover photo – however, this is valuable real estate, don’t waste this great opportunity!

How can you integrate your business into your makeup business Facebook Timeline? Do you have a great photo from a makeup home party that you organized, for example, or maybe a successful makeup fundraiser that you want to showcase? Get creative. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can also get creative in other ways, such as replacing the cover photo with a You-Tube video, showing you and guests having a ball at a home or office party. How is that possible?

That’s where timeline apps come in!

What are Facebook Timeline Apps

Facebook has created specific Timeline apps to help people – and its own algorithms – get the most out of Timeline’s capabilities and features...

Facebook Timeline apps add functionality and interactivity. Your followers, clients and customers are probably using several different apps, or soon will be, if they are at all representative of mobile and social media users today.

If your target demographic is mostly female and seems to enjoy sharing images, such as their own makeup home party, you really need to install the Pinterest app. Sign up on Pinterest and start creating Pinboard yourself! (And be sure to install the “Pinit” sharing icon on all your website photos).

Here is just a sample of the top Timeline apps considered most generally useful to marketers and small business owners…

  • Pinterest (Photo and Pinboard sharing)
  • FourSquare, TripAdvisor, Where I’ve Been (location-based Checkins)
  • Mashable, BuzzFeed (authority news, particularly for internet and socialmedia)
  • RunKeeper, Endomondo (workout tracking and sharing)
  • Yummly, Foodily (recipes)
  • Causes, FundRazr (giving, non-profits)
  • Oodle, Payvment (shopping, items for sale)
  • Ustream (viewing, creating and sharing streaming video)
  • Digg (Yes. This is where it’s hiding nowadays.)
  • YouTube (need we say more?)
  • ArtFinder (art and paintings)

Before you rush to install apps, and features, let’s go back and take a look at the niche market you are trying to reach and your ultimate Facebook goals:

  • Clients or customers
  • Networking contacts
  • Industry movers and shakers
  • Potential new clients or customers

But wait – there’s one important group missing from your Timeline…

Your Friends!

Here’s The Real Secret to Facebook engagement – This is absolutely vital to successful social media marketing. It doesn’t matter if your Facebook follower is your brother, someone you’ve worked with for ten years, or a total stranger who just sent you a Friend request today: You need to care about them, take notice of their posts, acknowledge their comments and posts, and make them feel special. Making everyone feel special is a nice thing to do, it’s great customer service, and necessary in business.

Deciding which content to share with each different group, how you will share it, and what you will say may not seem like a hot marketing tip, but think of it as necessary housekeeping.

Properly setting up your facebook timeline posts, list and Friends will ensure your best posts get seen by the right people – who will not see posts you didn’t mean them to see!

Do You Know How to Use Facebook Timeline In Your Beauty Business?

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