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Goody Bag MarketingGoody Bag Marketing

Goody Bag Marketing is a great idea If you are just starting out and trying to grow a customer base, or have been at it for awhile. There are all kinds of tips on so many different sites, that can drive you crazy trying to keep up.  

I would like to offer a very simple idea that can take you from no customers to your first one, quickly and easily.  This is something that I have done and have had success without any pain.

This is what I like to call "Goody Bag" marketing.  

What you need is:

  • Plastic Bags- preferably opaque.  It adds mystery to bag.
  • Brochures- at least 3;  you want enough for several prospects
  • Flyers- a general flyer
  • Product Flyers-  have several different types of products.  At least three.
  • Samples-  at least 3 or 4.  The more you have to give the better chance you have at gaining a new customer.  People LOVE samples. When they try, they buy.
  • Business Cards
  • Chocolate Candy- I don't know what it is about chocolate, but people go crazy for it, and they will go crazy for You with just a few pieces of  chocolate

You will want to have at least 2 or 3 bags for each place that you visit, as there will be several people who will want to see what you have to offer.

You simply will walk into the establishment; i.e. office, doctors, leasing offices, etc. and ask if you can drop off a beauty “Goody Bag” for the office.  Who is going to say no to that?

Always get contact information:  phone, name, email.  This way you can add them to your list  and  follow up.

I have even baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies and brought a plate of them into offices just to get their attention...  This really has a Great Impact on getting their attention.

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Make sure that you always have extra brochures/flyers/business cards, and chocolate on hand, and sprinkle them around if you are able to. 

Also, remember that the receptionist is the gatekeeper. Think about treating her to an extra goody. It makes her feel special and is good business.

If your community has a place where everyone posts flyers make sure you post your flyer, and business cards too. It's one thing to go to different businesses and leave just a brochure.

It's a whole other thing to leave a bag that they actually have to pick up and look to see what's inside. It adds excitement to their day, and they will appreciate you for it.

Make sure to add a goody bag in the ladies' restrooms, either putting them on the hook inside each stall or by the towels.

Make your list Today of all the waiting rooms you know of;  Dentists, Eye Doctors, Outpatient Waiting rooms, Vet offices, Leasing Offices, Real Estate Offices, Dance schools, Karate, Gymnastics, and much more.  

xo Love Jodiexo Love Jodie

If you are struggling to establish yourself, why not try this easy to do marketing Idea TODAY!  I know you can do it. 

xo Love Jodie

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