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If someone is described as being a wallflower, when trying to make their home business party sales goal, it usually refers to people who are shy and fade into the background. Typically they are people who no one really knows or pays any attention to. We often think of loners hugging the wall at a high school dance.

If you are a makeup or skin care direct sales consultant, you have no business being a wallflower at home parties. Some consultants, either out of nervousness or misinformation, tend to stand or sit back in a corner or hide in the kitchen while party guests are arriving. If this describes you, read on. You’re situating yourself in the wrong place.

You want to be visible, warm and welcoming. I’m not suggesting that you should be the one to answer the door and then get all in the guests faces before they even have a chance to put their purses down. Rather, as guests are coming in, you should be near the door. Smile, say hello and introduce yourself.

As they are getting situated, hand them a catalog, door prize slip, order form and a pen. Don’t hold the catalog hostage. Be respectful of their time and allow them to start flipping through the pages as others are coming in. If there is a bit of a lull between guests arriving, go ahead and sit down among the existing guests and get to know them a bit. Don’t talk about yourself; ask probing questions about their day, their work, their interests, and then just listen.

When it comes time for you to do your brief, and I do mean brief, presentation decide which location is best. Some prefer to stand up in front of the room and have everyone with eyes up front, listening. This is the student teacher school room format. Others prefer to remain seated among the guests and just talk from the heart. It’s relaxed and comfortable. Products are in the center on a coffee table or they’re passed around while you’re talking about the features of the product line.

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If you are doing a home makeup party game or theme party such as eyebrow tips you can ask one of the guests to be a demonstration model and have her sit at the front of the table.
When it comes time for the guests to finalize their orders, you would be okay being a mild version of a wallflower. Do not hover. Stay visible and accessible should they have questions, but you don’t need to be all in their face while they’re deciding what to order or how much to spend.

Whether you leave first, or the guests leave before you’ve wrapped up the party, make it a point to thank them for coming and leave them with parting pleasantries. Providing  

you don’t have to depart from a current guest you may be conversing with, try to make eye contact and shake hands with each guest as they leave.

Party guests are more apt to want to do business with, i.e. book a party or purchase product, from someone they know and find pleasant to deal with. If you’re hiding in the kitchen or blending in with the wall, you won’t be able to give them an opportunity to know and like you. Play an active role in the party.

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