Is Your Home Party Business More Like a Party or a Snoozefest?

Just the word “party” has a connotation of being a fun event. So then why, when some people mention having a home party business, do others think of something the opposite of fun? It’s unfortunate, that in some circles attending a home party is viewed as an event to which you would want to think of an excuse not to attend. But you can change that!

Twice a year, you should host your own beauty party. Many consultants have a launch party when they first start their direct sales business, and then don’t think to ever host their own party again. There’s no reason you can’t invite your family and friends over a couple times a year. They’ll start to look forward to it. Just make sure your party really is fun. Plan a party that truly is a party.

For planning purposes, initially, just plan a party without the element of your direct sales business or products.  If you wanted to have friends over just because, what would you do? Who would you invite? Would you plan any outdoor activities, such as a pool party or a backyard horse shoe challenge?

Would you haul out the Trivia Pursuit or Apples to Apples game? Or perhaps you’d fire up the Wii or gather around the television to watch the Big Game. You might have cocktails and make your signature dish. Perhaps your friends would happily agree to come over and then ask what they can bring. Your parties are generally full of laughs and loads of different snacks.

So, take all the elements and add your direct sales beauty products. Either set up a table off to the side with your product display and order forms or choose to put different products in different rooms of the house such as living room, bathroom and kitchen – all rooms most guests would definitely visit throughout the party.

One important element to not overlook: Make sure you tell your guests that you also want to introduce them to your new business or to the latest catalog. Do not, under any circumstance, get them to come over under false pretenses. This will only ensure they never come to one of your parties again, and may even seal your fate to not being invited out with them again.

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It is equally imperative that you keep your party a Party. Make the social, festive aspect a priority. Make your party the same as you would if you were hosting a party without your business involved. What I mean by that, is don’t have all the fun elements above prepared but then force your friends to sit silently giving you their undivided attention while you give your sales presentation. You’re missing the whole point if this is what you intend to do.

The mindset needs to be that you’re having friends over for an evening of good company, good food and good fun. As an added bonus, not the main feature, they can  take a look at your business info if they’re interested. If they don’t want to buy anything, maybe they’ll know someone who will. Referrals are great. Don’t lose focus that you’re hosting a P-a-r-t-y!

And One last thought...Take pictures and write a short blog, showcasing the fun that everyone had.  People will love to reminisce about the fun they had at your party. And perhaps they will want to book another party with you.

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