How to Ignite Social Media and Build Your Customer Base of 100

"5 Easy Habits to Ignite Social Media Success"   by Jodie Michelle

With so many people using social media, from singles looking for love, one women owned small business,  to large corporate marketers,  it's easy to get lost in all the confusion.  So how do you add your own unique style that attracts the right people to your home makeup business brand?

This begins with thinking about the content you post, and how you choose to share it.  Remember, it's not about one time only twitter news feeds—it's about getting people who want to come to your page and experience a real connection with YOU, and the value that you can offer them.  

They’ll do this when the feel a connection with you in some way, and remain with you through loyal follow-up.

Below are (five habits) you should begin practicing to get you noticed by your ideal market to build trust, rapport, and long-term client relationships (which should translate into more revenues too!)

Habit 1:  Start with getting a spiral notebook with at least 100 pages in it.  Each time you have an order, write the customer's name, address, phone number (if appropriate), email address on a page and track her purchases, and when you last followed up with her.  Each customer gets a dedicated page.  You may also want to write down anything that helps you remember something special about this customer.  i.e: she has a PHD in Chemistry, or she has long beautiful brown hair.

Habit 2:  This is important because I am going to show you how to combine Offline Media with Social Media.  We get so wrapped up in the latest, that we forget to include the time tested strategies that have always worked.

You have her name, address, phone number, and  email address. Now you want to invite her to your social media page that you most often used.  For many that would be a Facebook page dedicated to your business.  First, see if she is already on Facebook.  If not try and get her to follow your Facebook Timeline.  Let her know that you would love to be able to stay connected with her.

Habit 3:  Now that you have her information which includes her address, send out an email to all your customers who are in your book. You can offer quick announcements promoting  your latest offer such as a  Rewards program, or a Hot Special that you are running. For Example: For every $250 they spend by a certain time period, such as January 1st thru March 15th, they would receive a $50 shopping spree with you.

Be sure to announce this Program or special on your Social Media Platform, such as Facebook, Twitter Etc...

Habit 4:  Follow Up monthly,  sending out a letter letting them know how much they've spent and how much they have left until they get the shopping spree.  Don't forget to thank them for their order, and as an extra bonus include a sample for good will.

Also you may want to include a featured item.  They can purchase the featured item for that week at a discount.  Each week, offer a new product to feature and offer it at a discount. You can attach a separate flyer or just include it in the letter.

You can say something like this:  As a preferred member of the Rewards Program, when you purchase $250* of skincare and makeup products from me by _____, you will receive a $50 shopping spree! As of date, you have purchased  (dollar amount). You have (dollar amount) to receive your Shopping spree!  (*excludes sales tax)

Many people may not want to spend that much, so be sure to let them know that group purchases are a great way to achieve their goal.  They can shop together with friends and enjoy the rewards together.

Habit 5: - Include at least two samples with every order in their bag.  If they order products from you online, then you can always give the samples in person, or mail them a few with your monthly follow up letter.

A little Social Media and Traditional Media goes along way in standing out from the crowd, staying in the  front of your customers mind!!! This is key.

A word of caution when sending email- Always include opt out box.  If you don't let them know they can opt out, they may report you as spam.  They are many programs to choose from that allow you easy opt out software, and autoresponders.  

Its important to show that you are getting out there and want to stay connected to your audience and that you care.  When most other makeup “professionals” are just clerking their way to a pay check, you will be building relationships that will last your entire business life.

© 2013 Jodie Michelle

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