10 Simple Client-Follow-Up Procedures You Can Implement in Your Business TODAY!

1. Take immediate action: Always call or email within 24 hours of meeting someone telling them it was nice to meet them, asking about their business and offering a little more info about yours and what you could do for them or their referrals.

2. Take more than one action: In addition to doing #1, also slip something in the mail to them - an introduction letter and a brochure, a thank you note (handwritten of course) or a flyer about your special promotion.

Also for an extra bonus, include a sample. No one ever does this anymore, so you will surely stand out from the crowd with this tried and true tactic.

Business is built on personal relationships and this step is a must. 

I have personalized note cards with my name on them for that extra personal touch.  People love getting snail mail cards from me with a personal note to them.


3. Use email wisely: Add them to your email database,  just like the one that I use for my ezine,  (if appropriate and IF you are heeding correct spam laws in your correspondence) and make sure they get an email notice within 2 weeks.

4. Keep your ears and eyes out for others: Drop in the mail or attach by email a document or article you found that you'd been discussing or something you recently read that would be of interest or pertinent to them.  Again, include a sample of your product.

5. Keep your email database up to date: Enter them into your email database so when you send out your next mailer they will be on the list to receive it. If you don't have an email database, you should get one.   

6. Send more than one mailing: Send out another piece of mail or email within 2 weeks of when you sent the first one; this can be more casual, a postcard, flyer or another follow up letter asking for referrals in case they don't think they can use your services right now.  If you can send snail mail with a sample, this would be the best choice.

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7. Call again:  Call, not necessarily to make the sale, but to further build that relationship, have coffee, meet for lunch, drop something off for them, such as another sample or a quick in person tip, etc. but another in-person meeting would be good in case they forget what you look like.

8. Make a creative impression: If you're really trying to get their business and you're not getting anywhere, drop by a promotional product (s) with your card and brochure again or send it in the mail. Make sure your promotional product stands out from your competition and is unique or memorable.

9. Systematize your follow up: Make sure you sort your database by Hot, Warm and Cold leads and then also by either where you met them (i.e.; Your City's Chamber of Commerce, professional or service organization, etc.) or some other system (like referral source vs. prospect) so that when you mail to them regularly you can mail to small groups at a time with a unique message. Mail to your database quarterly, and again include a sample,  and email them monthly at minimum.  Bi-weekly or weekly is the best.

10. Plan year-round promotions: Send out holiday cards not only for December, but maybe for Easter, the 4th of July or which ever holidays you feel like and then possibly their birthdays too. There are companies who send out cards for you, online sources you can use easily and there are websites that remind you when someone's birthday is to make this easy.

These tips for Simple Client-Follow-Up Procedures are for any type of business, retail, service or product. I am always curious as to how a store is going to follow up with me. I shop there, I write a check, and they have my address and phone number - yet 9 out of 10 times - absolutely NO follow up marketing! Only do the larger stores put me on their mailing list and send me mailers and/or emails); these retailers know just when I come in because I normally always get another coupon in the mail right after to come back again.

The one that does follow up with me understands that repeat business is 5-10 times easier to get than new business.

So, not only do you need to follow up after new people you meet to GET their business or referrals and build those relationships, but you also have to cultivate those relationships over time so they keep you on top of their minds in case something comes up where they need your products or services or someone they know does.

I encourage you to try out your own Client Follow Up marketing using a very simple ezine, just like the one that I use.

If you would like to give   client-follow-up marketing a try and you can test drive Aweber for only $1.00.  You cant even buy a cup of coffee for that price. How cool is that.  You really have nothing to loose.   If you decide that it doesn't work for you, you can cancel.  No questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?  Give it a shot.  Your future customers are waiting to hear from you today.

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