Customer Relationship Marketing For Your Beauty Business 

What is Customer Relationship Marketing For Your Beauty Business?

And what does it have to do with your beauty business follow up system?

Customer Relationship Marketing For Beauty Business is one of the most important tools that you can use to attract new customers, and keep them coming back for more.

Marketing creates value for purchasers and build strong purchaser relationship in order to capture value from purchasers in return for helping your customers get what they need.

How does Customer Relationship Marketing For Beauty Business, Relationship Marketing and Good Customer follow up work together?

When you consider customer service in relation to your home Beauty business, you also need to consider a good follow up system.

This is all too often the most neglected in the entire industry of direct sales and marketing.

We start off trying to convince someone to do business with us, such as selling them eye-shadow and a makeup brush set, get the sale going, and close the sale. You are now happy that you now have a new customer.

Or do you?

Closing the sale gives us enough confidence and lets us think that we now have another customer for life. This simply is just not true. Without constant customer relationship marketing you are fighting a losing battle with customer service.

Making a phone call or sending an e-mail, or text after you have made the sale to say thank you, is only the first step in Follow Up sales.

The first call or e-mail is a, THANK YOU, plain and simple.

For example: You would follow up with a friendly phone call and ask your customer how she likes her new brown eye shadow, and you can even offer her eye makeup ideas.

The follow-up needs to continue when you start asking them questions and see if they are understanding the product that you sold them, and have a desire to really make sure they are happy and enjoying the experience with the product.

You keep in contact with them and develop that relationship that you started when you first started the sale.

...What you are doing is serving them, and this is the best marketing you can do.

Why, because only by serving them, can you learn what it is that would make the service more useful to them.  And having a good follow up system is the only way to accomplish this goal.

This could be done on any level for any product or service, and it will work for you as well as the customers. It also works very well if you have a team of other home makeup business consultants who you are trying to help.

Direct salespeople are probably the laziest people in the world when it comes to consistently contacting and following up with customers.

If I had a call or an e-mail from a salesperson who I bought something from, I would probably be the most loyal customer they ever had; but only if they consistently follow up with me.

You might be thinking, why I would call someone when all they purchased was a peach eye shadow, for example, from me which only cost $11.00?

Your right, that may not seem like a lot, however, when they buy the $65.00 skin care set 4 times a year, in addition to other products that someone else could have sold them and gives you referrals to other future customers the bonus money really starts to add up after awhile.

If you made $50,000.00 dollars this year, with a follow-up system, do you think it may have been worth it to start off with a low dollar product sale? The bottom line is, we lose a lot of money in the end by not calling, e-mailing or texting that customer.

FYI-  Always ask  "what is the best way to contact you". That way you are respecting her boundaries. This is about her, not you. Shes the customer.

Most direct sales home makeup business people are a hit and miss type of salesperson. They are looking to score the sale of the moment.

If you are thinking that you are just an average type salesperson and would never be one of the top in your company, then I urge you to look around at all the top salespeople in your company, and try to see what they are doing that is different from what you are doing.

This really should be at the top of your priority list, to ensure that you have a future business. Building a relationship is key.

When customers return to your business they also tend to spend more money. They are more loyal to you and your brand, and often will give referrals through word-of-mouth advertising for your beauty business - which could result in even more customers for you.

"Implementation of relationship marketing" using a good follow up system, and publishing a beauty blog, keeps your name out there, keeps you focused on what you need to do to get things done, and lets the customer know that you are "The Expert" that she can rely on.

You have probably always heard that, if you want to become successful you need a system that can be duplicated. You are probably wondering- "is relationship marketing is the key to success"?

The short answer is Yes!

Relationship marketing is the new marketing. Which is really the old way of doing business.

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What beauty business couldn't use free advertising and increased sales using the advantages of relationship marketing?

Providing excellent customer service using follow up systems helps you maintain contact with your customers all year round, and can greatly increase your business and customer base using word of mouth marketing.

This doesn't have to be expensive. Using a good email contact system is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, and is very easy to use.

You can automate your email system while enjoying the rest of your day. This can be as easy as sending out a note of appreciation for their purchases during the previous year, or e-mailing holiday cards.

Your communications don't have to be expensive - just a subtle reminder that your home makeup business is out there.

There are many ways to keep in contact with your customers. You are only limited by your imagination. You just have to pick one system to get started on your way to great success.

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