Does Your Cosmetics Marketing Material Look Homemade?

If you are a consultant using cosmetics marketing material to advertise yourself with an established makeup or beauty direct sales company, your corporate office should provide or sell good quality, professionally produced materials you can use to market your business.

A professional image is essential to your success. If your company doesn’t have available high quality marketing brochures and other sales aids, I’d question the validity and professionalism of the parent company.

Yet so many home makeup and beauty consultants, both new and veteran don’t agree or don’t see the necessity of offering customers and potential recruit’s professional marketing material. Instead they give out homemade, amateurish flyers.

To be blunt, most of it is cheesy and hurts rather than helps their business. In many cases they would be better off offering nothing instead of handmade business cards, printed on low quality card stock, on an ink jet printer that is clearly low on ink, using multiple fonts and colors. We’ve all seen them before; you know what I’m referring to. If you haven’t, perhaps you’re one of the offenders.

Why reinvent the wheel? Yes, I would agree that it is an added expense – purchasing the good stuff. There are always costs associated with running a business. Furthermore, consider the time involved creating the colorful monstrosity, the cost of the paper and ink to print it yourself, and more importantly, the costs associated with lost business due to the unprofessionalism. Wrap all that up in a bow and the consultant who produces the handmade marketing material will end up paying far more than if s/he used what was provided by their company.

Some chose to go the homemade route because they think they are saving money. Others, whether they will admit this or not, choose to spend oodles of time creating unprofessional marketing materials so they feel they are hard at work on their business. Really it’s just busy work to avoid the hard work of putting yourself, your product, and your opportunity out there and possibly facing rejection. They’re getting ready to get ready to start the real work. It’s a distraction or an excuse – nothing more. This is what is known as Ready – Aim -- Ready.

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Consider this: If homemade materials give an unprofessional image, then the opposite is true for using the corporate created marketing aids. Using what your parent company has developed sends a message of success and legitimizes your business.

If you are unable to budget for professional business cards and other marketing materials from the onset of your business, then wait to start your business until the funds are available. You certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on printed materials before you ever launch your business, but non-cheesy business cards are a must. You can do untold damage with homemade business materials. The cost of business lost due to the unprofessional image will far outweigh the cost of company produced business cards and brochures.