Facebook New Timeline...           
Is Your Beauty Business Facebook Page  Up to the Job?

Just when you finally got a handle again, on the facebook new timeline....it hits you when your not looking....Facebook has changed! Again!

In fact, it’s changed so much, throw everything you think you knew about Facebook out the window and pay close attention to what’s new.  

The first big change, of course, is the Facebook new Timeline format.  If you haven’t already switched over, do so.  Why should you?

In a word… Results!

Timeline was invented to stop Facebook from going the way of Twitter… where spammy posts for things you don’t care about deluge into your feed so fast, posts you actually want to read get swept away.  And you never do see them.

What Timeline does is employ a few new algorithms, to sort your posts based on your user habits and preferences.

Your Beauty Biz Facebook Page:

Whether you have an existing Beauty Biz Facebook Page or you're about to set one up, you need to be aware that Facebook has just brought in new changes.  

What they've been busy doing is responding to user requests, suggestions and complaints.

You do have some control over what appears – and this becomes a major advantage on your beauty business Facebook Page (which, whether you like it or not, has already switched over to Timeline).

Facebook promises "better communication" for Facebook Page administrators and users. New is the ability to "navigate and interact with other areas of Facebook as your page".

Translated, this means you'll now be able to:

  • Receive notification about your Page followers' activity
  • "Like" and comment on other Pages in the persona of your Page (pay close attention this feature)
  • "Get your own news feed" to engage with other Pages and their notifications

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2 Tweaks To Increase Your Beauty Business Facebook Authority:

1.  Optimizing Your Feed and Page for Timeline-

Here’s a ridiculously easy way to get Timeline on the spot (along with a brief “tour” that tells you everything you need to know about formatting your new page in about one minute flat):

  •  Click on the Profile photo of any friend with Timeline.  When their Profile page opens up, above their new “Cover photo” (a graphic background at the top of the page) you will see a bright green button that says: “Get Timeline Now”.
  • Press it!
  • Take the “Tour”
  • Upload a Cover photo for your feed 
  • Go back through all the posts on your timeline 
  • Delete or “hide” any you don’t want appearing

2.  Optimizing Your Facebook Page

It won’t take you long to optimize your Facebook Page.  Once this is done, your own feed won’t get lost on the walls of relevant friends.  Because you now have Timeline, the chances your posts will appear in their feeds has just increased (or will, when you “Publish”).

Facebook’s Tour walks you through six easy steps…

…Beginning with the new “Cover photo” – the custom background you’ll in the top quarter of your browser page, behind the Profile Photo.  Right now, it will be blank, but your Facebook tour will prompt you to upload one.  It’s very similar to uploading a photo on any social network; don’t worry too much about the size – any horizontal photo will work, because you’ll have a chance to drag it until only the area you want people to see shows.  Then simply Save it.

The correct dimensions are 851 pixels by 315 pixels, in case you’d like to edit your cover photo beforehand.

If you don’t have photo-editing software, check out Mashable’s article on a new Facebook editing/cropping tool app you can download or use, made especially for Timeline.

You can choose a Cover photo from any one of your existing uploaded photos, import one from another photo sharing site or web URL… or simply upload one from your computer.  

A few simple tweaks to your new Beauty biz Facebook Page will do wonders for your Facebook authority – and they really are easy to do – so tackle that straight away, before you dot another “i”, Bob Cratchit!

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