How To Set Up Your Beauty Business Facebook Page:

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If you are about to set up your Beauty-Business-Facebook-Page, you need to be aware that Facebook has just brought in new changes (so whats new?).  

What they've been busy doing is responding to user requests, suggestions and complaints.

Facebook promises "better communication" for Facebook Page administrators and users.  New is the ability to "navigate and interact with other areas of Facebook as Your Page".

Facebook Pages has now become considerably more interactive -- and promises to trot out even more interactivity and relevancy-oriented features "over the course of the coming months".

That being said...

Many people find themselves stumped by the very first decision to make, when setting up a Facebook page:  Namely, which category to place their Page within. 

And now, instead of three main categories, or four... there are six to choose from.

If your page is already set up, you don't need to worry about switching categories. But if you're reading this report because you're about to set up your first Facebook page, here is a quick guide to choosing your category......

Choose This Category...   

Local Business or Place ...If you have a physical store or office you'd like people to visit   

Company, Organization, or Institution ...If your business is a non-profit agency or limited company that is a presence in its own right, regardless of staff   

Brand or Product ...If you're trying to establish strong branding or make a particular product your primary focus   

Artist, Band or Public Figure ...If you are the "main product", this is still the best category to choose   

Entertainment ...If you are an entertainer, or provide entertainment   

Cause or Community ...If your cause or community is the primary entity you want people to focus on

Don't worry if you're not yet a "big" enough celebrity to call yourself a "Public Figure".  There's a drop down menu in "Artist, Band or Public Figure" that allows you to place yourself in the appropriate sub-category.

(Choose "Business Person" if you provide professional services.)

The key to creating a powerful Page lies in:

a) Thorough niche research

b) Customization

c) Tracking

d) Fine tuning

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It's an ongoing process (especially right now, as Facebook prepares to unveil yet more changes).

And, speaking of which... One other important "stop the presses" change to Facebook Pages:  By the time you read this, you will be able to select "Use Facebook as Page" mode to post comments on other Facebook Pages.  I really LOVE this feature, and use it alot.

Apply the same principles as you would with a guest blog post, however.  Only do this when you can genuinely:

  • Make the other Page owner look good
  • Add value (without stealing her thunder)
  • Say something important or valuable
  • Say it with pizzazz

And, most of all, post sparingly rather than flooding other Pages with comments.  (Remember the "gourmet principle":  Leave them savoring an amazing appetizer -- and wanting more.)

Other changes?

1. "Hidden Posts" -- allows you to filter spam (admin view)

2. Word or link exclusion functionality -- you can set it so that when certain keywords or links predetermined by you are included in comments, they appear but are no longer "live"

(Note:  You can now post as a Page (rather than a person) by also using the Comments Box Social Plugin.)

One thing is always a constant when it comes to Facebook, however:  You need to be prepared to:

  • Stay on top of evolving changes
  • Analyze and interpret trends that cause these changes
  • Go with the flow

Facebook is a social network that is in a constant state of flux, responding to real-time use patterns, trends and demands.  Understand this and use it to your advantage, and you'll be able to leverage your business even more effectively while your competitors are still complaining about wanting to return to the "old" ways.

Conclusion:  Facebook is a phenomenon still growing and gathering momentum, world-wide.  It's not enough, nowadays, to rely on Google search engine optimization to help your business expand or reach every corner of your market:  You need to leverage social media and the new trend of social search too. 

Facebook offers your best place to start.

Good Luck In Your Beauty Biz!

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