What is a Niche Market

How Does It Help Your Home Makeup Business Succeed?


Now that we have learned what a keyword is and what is a niche Market, why it matters to your small home makeup business, one thing has probably become very clear to you: and that is creating your own Internet home makeup business begins long before you actually build Your Website.

Keyword research is the foundation to your small home makeup business, just like any home builder has to build the foundation in the ground before they can put up the walls, the roof and all the extras that make that house ready to live in.

So many people get excited to start building their online business that they jump in too fast and start designing their website with fancy words, color schemes, and adding pictures.

Let me tell you that what you are building first, behind the scenes, so to speak - the ideas, concepts, plans is just as important, if not more so, than what your customers actually visually see.

Every piece of a well built house supports the rest of the structure, and it all relies on a very strong foundation - Your Niche Market based on Keyword Phrases, and problem statements, is YOUR strong foundation.

What this means is that your entire site is held up by your niche market. Therefore, the more time, energy and thought that you invest in this First Step - building your foundation - the stronger your structure will be.

Clearly defining your niche market will lead you to better keywords, which will then help you to come up with a more successful domain name for your small business, which will eventually have a great influence with the search engines, etc.

Speaking About the First Step:

First your want to research and define your keywords:

Define Your Keywords Now... Doing any kind of in-depth research that is necessary in building your foundation for your small business takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience....YES, patience really is a virtue - especially now. So just hang in there. When you beginning your Keyword Research, you will be going back to the beginning over and over again - until you have accumulated a lot of useful data.

Don't be surprised if you spend a minimum of 40 hours or more just researching all the best possible keywords for your niche market.

Remember that right now your not looking to hit the ball out of the ball park. At this first stage you are only looking to get a little revenue income coming in. When you begin to even make a little amount of money on the internet, you will then know that you have found a solution to a problem that people have been looking for.

OK...onto defining your niche market!

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What is a Niche Market:

In Internet Speak, a niche market is a group of people who are searching the internet for a solution to a problem and not finding very many relevant search results.

What is NOT a Niche Market:

It is NOT a demographic group (such as Russian women over 40), a geographical segment of the population (residents of New York State) or a social group (Girl scouts of America). It is also Not a large group of people who share similar traits or occupations (women with red hair, people who like to snow ski, cosmetic store managers, small business owners).

OK!......I know what you are thinking. That's what they taught us in business school about niches, or demographic marketing.

While this type of niche type casting may work in traditional marketing like they use on madison avenue, it wont work for internet marketing.

Lets keep going.......

More Information on Building your Niche and Other Tools

How to Successfully Define Your Niche Market:

I think one of the biggest challenges of starting your online small business is identifying a niche market. "Your niche market". So many people have a hard time focusing on narrowing down their niche, and end up defining niches that are really not niches at all; instead they end up choosing huge general markets in which they could never compete.

Here are examples of niche markets that are NOT good:

* My niche market is "women"

* My niche market is "specialty groups"

* My niche market is "singles"

* My niche market is "people on diets"

While these niches may look good, they are not. Here is WHY. If you entered women into the google search engine, you get 782,000,000 million results. Honestly, do you really want to compete with that number?

I didn't think so, and neither would I.

Try this way of defining your niche market: "People who are + (an action) + your area of interest"

For Example:

These are good niche markets:

* My niche market is "women who are (looking to) apply eyebrow pencil correctly"

* My niche market is "people who are (hoping to) find a cure for multiple sclerosis"

* My niche market is "people who are (trying to) find a husband ages 30-40 years old"

* My niche market is "people who are (looking for) new ways to lose weight"

Big difference, huh? Finding a specific and highly focused group who are all looking for the same thing on the internet, and not really finding it, is your key to finding your niche market.

If you can't write your niche market using this simple formula, then you probably aren't focusing enough yet.

Try again. Don't ever stop. You CAN succeed!

There's a little "secret" between those who are successful, and those who are not (and ALL marketing for that matter) that's not talked about much. It's called persistence. Doing something just one time wont cut it.

Doing something over and over again until you get it done, will bring you success. Be persistent and never quit.

The more keywords that you find the more momentum you will gain. It will eventually grow into a giant mountain. One that you have climbed. Eventually, you will get to the top of this mountain, and you will be able to look down at all of your hard work.

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